Lines laid, but no water in Shopian’s Dachoo village

Lines laid, but no water in Shopian’s Dachoo village
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Shopian: Over 150 households in Dachoo village of Shopian have been without a drinking water supply since a decade, despite house-to-house pipelines having been laid in the village.
Showkat Ahmad Shah, a local resident, told Kashmir Reader that they are facing an acute water crisis for the past decade. “Despite many requests to the higher authorities, nobody bothered to look into our problem,” he said.
A group of villagers told Kashmir Reader that the water crisis in the village is so serious that people living here have to fetch drinking water from a huge distance, that too from a canal filled with dirt and human waste. “It looks like we are living in a desert where the water is hundreds of miles away,” a local said.
Others said that while the village comprises 180 households, its residents have not seen tap water in the village in 12 years. “One of the water reservoirs is situated a hundred metres from the village, but that supplies water to other areas, not to us,” an elderly villager lamented.
Executive Engineer Public Health Engineering, Shopian, Nisar Ahmad Shah told Kashmir Reader that the villagers should have informed the concerned sub division. “No matter, I will look into this issue, and their problem will be resolved soon,” Shah said.