Kashmiri Diaspora to challenge SC jurisdiction over Art 35A: JKLF

Kashmiri Diaspora to challenge SC jurisdiction over Art 35A: JKLF
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Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Wednesday said that Kashmiri Diaspora will challenge the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India over article 35A and tinkering with the state subject laws in Jammu and Kashmir.
JKLF in a statement issued here said the Kashmiri Diaspora met on 5th August at a round table meeting held in Luton, UK to deliberate on the implications and consequences of abrogating Article 35 that safe guards and protects rights of people in Jammu Kashmiris since 1927.
“The round table was convened by Professor Zafar Khan, head of diplomatic bureau of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front,” it said.
“The members acknowledged that an appropriate legal defence against abrogation of article 35A has been found to be wanting, and the situation required prompt and effective action from people of Jammu Kashmir,” it reads.
The round table meeting decided that Kashmiri Diaspora as a stakeholder must become a party in the case to mount an effective legal defence, it further said, by challenging Indian Supreme Court’s jurisdiction over Jammu Kashmir affairs.
The statement further said that the UN Security Council Resolution of 30 March 1951 has placed Indian Government under caution, and the Supreme Court of India does not have any such jurisdiction in Jammu Kashmir affairs.
Human rights expert, and jurist Dr Nazir Gilani, in a meeting referred to tinkering with the State Subject rules in Jammu Kashmir as “life and death matter for the citizens”.
Others who participated in the roundtable meeting included Prof Imtiaz Chaudhry, advocate Malik Sadiq Subhani, Sardar Sabir Gul, Syed Tahseen Gilani, Syed Hussain Shaheed Sarwar, Raja Mohammed Ajaib Khan, Raja Kaman Afsar Khan and Ejaz Ahmed Malik.