Revisiting History: A Conversation with Hayat Amir Husseini

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By Mudasir Al-Majdey

History cannot be a myth or the record of the mythological falsities and fallacies. The realization of falsities is possible only through the medium of self-purification and self-realization which leads to the reading of the ‘signs of God’ ‘Ayat’ and attainment of wisdom (al-Hikma). The ‘wisdom’ being the crux of the ‘Ayat’ and the super level of self-realization and realization of the factualities is actually the name of the teachings and actions or the modus operandi of the prophecy or the prophet – the only person in the control of God, and directly guided by Him at every moment.
The falsification of history or the creation of a false history is the work of Satan or satanic forces in the name of creation of genuine history or historical facts, humanization or pursuance of truth or realization of the eternal life or salvation. It starts with the false propagation, nourishment of greed and negation of the truth or the orders of God and results in the nudity, inauthenticity and hollowness of man which cripples man and kills his simplicity, loyalty, piety, truthfulness, authenticity, grandeur and nearness to God and nature.
It was Satan who revolted against God and man. The venomous serpent of all times entered in the heaven and deceived man through his slippery words and promises and ultimately succeeded in coining the history of his fraud, deception and rebellion. The truth of history is the superb superiority of man as the vicegerent of God, bearer of knowledge and light of freedom, will and action. The problem is not that man was sent to earth. The problem is the deceptive management through which Satan succeeded in breaking his simplicity, piety and nearness to and vision of God. God created him out of clay which is the meaning of universe. Satan actually tried to debase his creative potential and the epistemological framework or the power of knowledge, the raison deter of his being superior to all.
The Satan tried to implant in his mind mala fide stories about God or deterrent to his eternity:

“Then began Satan to whisper
Suggestions to them,
in order to reveal to them their shame
that was hidden from them
(Before) : he said: “your lord
Only forbade you this tree
Lest you should become angles
or such beings as live for ever

And he swore to them
Both, that he was
Their sincere adviser.
So by deceit he brought about
Their fall: when they
Tasted of the tree,
Their shame became manifest
To them, and they began
To sew together the leaves
Of the Garden over their bodies
(al-Quran VII-20-22)

It is the same game which has every time been played by the Satan and his associates in the name of the development of knowledge of man and his culture, through the manufacturing of myth or the false stories of the coined persons and their actions, named as gods and goddesses and the subjugation of the absolute majority, to give power in the hands of its agents by coining them as the sons of God.
If God has any son or daughter or wife or relations of such sort, he does not reflect more than a feeble man who is always under the garbage of the pity and unwanted demands which are the natural result of such filthy existence.
History is one of the ‘signs’ of God holds the Quran. It is an experience of truth, the creation of truth, the narration of truth and the reservation of truth in the form of the prophetic mission. The first man, Adam, was the first prophet and his story is the record of history. But his story starts from the meta-historical event of ‘Am I not your lord before his creation from the mud?’ in the first oath ‘al Mithaq al awal’.
This meta-historical point is an episode or event which occurs in pure duration and not in serial time. Serial time is bounded with on encircled by the narrative of the limits of the space. But, it must not be forgotten that every experience in space is not reducible to serial time. There are many events especially of the prophets and their onto-existential or spiritual experiences which are related to pure duration, for example, the ascension ‘Mairaj or Asra’. The mystic experiences and the artistic creations also fall in pure duration though after their completion they are related to or explained in serial time. There are many historical events which are related to the movement of history which emerge from the womb of mystical, spiritual or ontological sphere.
History started with the query of the truth : ‘O souls, am I not your lord and cherisher?’.
And the answer of this question was in affirmative, ‘yes our lord, you are our lord and cherisher’.

“Then thy lord drew forth
From the children of Adam
From their loins
Their descendants, and made them
Testify concerning themselves,
(saying), Am I not your lord
Who cherishes and sustains you)”
“They said: yea
We do testify !”

(al-Quran VIII 172).
It is from this point that the story of Adam or man or Humanity started. It is the beginning of History, the History of Prophecy, Man and deception of Satan.
And it is the narrative of the conflict between Adam (the vicegerent of God on Earth) and Satan (the rebel of God). This conflict endures and continues.

The above is the synthesis of a conversation that the author had with Mr. Husseini, who can be reached at:

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