India under Modi like train driven to disaster by ‘autocratic, incompetent driver: Rahul Gandhi

India under Modi like train driven to disaster by ‘autocratic, incompetent driver: Rahul Gandhi
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New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said people will no longer be fooled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “bogus promise of achche din” and likened the country to a train being driven to disaster by an “autocratic, incompetent and arrogant driver”.
Addressing the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) meeting in Parliament House, he alleged that corruption, economic failure, incompetence and spread of social divisiveness have peaked under the Narendra Modi government and asked party MPs to provide an alternative.
There is a rising tide of anger against the ruling dispensation and party MPs must strive hard to give people an alternative to the bogus promise of Modiji’s ‘Achche Din’, the Congress chief said while hitting out at the government on a range of issues, including the Rafale deal and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam.
Gandhi recalled Modi’s remarks in 2014 when he was elected that India had been a slow “passenger train” for 70 years after Independence and would become a sleek and shining “magical train” destined for ‘achhe din’ under his guidance and rule.
“Give me your votes, said Modiji, and ‘I will take you on the best and most comfortable journey of your life’. Four years of Modi rule later, sadly, India today looks more like a train that is being driven to disaster by an autocratic, incompetent and arrogant driver who does not care what happens to the passengers he is responsible for,” Gandhi said.
“The people of India are demanding change. They will no longer be fooled by your magical train that is headed for a bad accident,” he added.
The people, he added, are looking to the Congress and its allied parties to help remove the Modi government and replace it with one which will listen to them, understand their problems and provide solutions to help reduce poverty, unemployment and inequality in the country.
There is a great responsibility that is being placed on all of us today, to win this historic struggle between the forces of democracy and social justice versus those of autocracy and social hierarchy, he told his party’s MPs.
Gandhi told Congress MPs “we must ensure” that the forces of hate, division and violence that are trampling the Constitution are prevented from coming back to power.
“Since the RSS and the BJP have come to power, we have seen a systematic attack on every single one of our institutions. In modern India, these institutions were called temples of democracy and today RSS is intent in destroying every single one of them. Every single institution is being penetrated by their people and nature of institutions itself is being changed,” Gandhi told Congress MPs.