On the Destination of Individuals, Societies and Nations

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Nothing associated with man is absolute and nothing is perfect. Everything is relative and there are chances of improvement after every improvement in everything. Once the latter improvement is made the necessity for further improvements can crop up. Hence, anybody who claims to be perfect, and who claims to have produced something of absolutely real existence, is lying almost all of the times.
Somewhat similar is the case with destination, and destinations, of this world. No destination is final and none is absolute, howsoever aggressively one may project a destination as absolute and one’s only destiny in life but the absoluteness is actually relativity, it proves only one among the multitude of destinations of that person. May be , at a higher pedestal, a destination is but not absolute for the apex of the pyramid of destinations keeps on changing.
Each man decides his destination and , in some cases, it is decided by others. The others may include ones parents, teachers or any other elder or mentor but it ultimately is a person who has to pursue that destination. In any case , a destination of one time becomes the course of the subsequent interval of time. Once the second destination is reached it faces the same treatment and then third followed by the fourth, so on and so forth the chain moves as long as a person is living. Human life goes on this way; it has the same direction, rhythm and story. Destinations decide this life but they in the end become roads and at most of the times forgotten roads eventually.
Alright destinations make and mar a human life, they give heartaches and they give a pleasure unforgettable and cherished. They make life when achieved and accomplished and mar it in case one falls short of achieving them or the fuel tank goes empty before reaching the desired and designed goal post. Those whose life is made consider them as successful and the one whose life is marred by the failure to reach the destination are called as failures, as defeated persons. Destination at a given time, therefore, is a goal post, a dream, a desire, a wish and at times , all of them at once.
Usually we describe destinations of life to bigger goals, bigger dreams, bigger desires and aspiration short of their achievements but here again bigness and smallness of goals are relative concepts, the same goal post may be big for one person and a small for the other. Anyhow unachieved and unreached a goal post is a destination and once achieved it is the achievement of only a miniscule part of the long road to life. We may call such destinations as stepping stones, milestones and bench marks and watershed moments in the journey of life.
The destination many people relate with fate but we can’t sit idle and wait for the wait to decide things for us. Fate can’t be changed as per the belief of many but all the successful people have shaped their destinations by the sheer hard work they have invested in their endeavors. May be that was in their fate but the work, and hard work, they have invested cannot be undermined by any means.
Keeping the influences and outcomes of fate aside for a while, circumstances play crucial role in building and deciding about what a person’s destination is and what it should be. In case a person is poor, his immediate destination is to become wealthy and gain opulence. If he is hungry reaching to a source of food is the first priority, the first destination. In case, the person is wealthy gaining influence on account of that wealth is the destination. Bringing back the fate into the discussion all these goal posts can be reached by the sheer power of human will and work as they say dedication, perseverance and sincere hard work have the power to change what is there in the fate.
There are other destinations where there is almost no impact of human will and human efforts, like birth and death. In their case the man is an actively passive participant. All his attempts and efforts fail to change those destinations. There is a force, and forces, beyond the scope and power of men which shape and reshape that destiny, if reshape is the option. Man is actively moving towards those destinations by being a passive participant in deciding the outcome.
Beyond destinations of individuals, there are destinations at each level of human association and existence. Among the destinations chosen by man is peace and peaceful existence. Amidst the hostilities of the world and violence man always searches for peace. Towards this end, man has always worked to achieve a peaceful world order. But, the universal peace eludes man. The way the affairs of man have gone by since the outset it seems that violence would remain as long as is there the human life on the face of the world.
All the efforts to build and keep peace fall flat due to one cause or the other. Either the players are not cooperating towards that end or the stakes are so high that cooperating might prove suicidal for a group.
The global associations and institutions which were established with the aim of changing and shaping the destination of the world by eliminating the scourge of war are proving all ineffective and inconsequential. They have not been able to change the behavior of the nations engaged in conflicts towards cooperation.
The world is insecure today as it was before the Westphalia Conference. It is much more precarious as was during the days of First and the Second World Wars. The destination of humans seems only of destruction, heading towards ultimate disaster. The destructive forces are taking a lead and the constructive ones lagging behind. The forces and agencies are engaged towards achieving a destination which by no means is of human type.
The supreme of all the creations is duty bound to shape not only his destination but that of all the other species and creations of the world. But , in actual practice and by his deeds all is going in contravention to that.
The condition is so now that even the destination of the earth is decided by humans. They have piled their misdeeds to such an extent where an explosion and everything is over, and all is over.
This status of affairs is the cumulative effect of the ages of misdeeds. The misdeeds began with onset of group life, especially the time when dividing lines began to be erected. With this was divided the earth into nations and tribes, each pursuing their own destinations which are different from those of the rest of the groups. If anywhere shared rights were claimed on a piece of territory or resource, conflicts arose and these then led into the wars. The conflicts continue and with them continue the emergence and existence of wars.
The current age has surpassed all the evils and ills of the past ages. The ills and evils that are committed in a single year were committed in ages in the past. This age which is supposed to be the age of enlightenment, awareness and modernity is acting worse than the dark ages. In this helplessness is the status and hopelessness seems to be the only destiny.
We need to change the course of history. If the people previously have acted in an unacceptable and inhuman way, we should not repeat what they have done. Instead we should make all the course corrections and make the destination of man the real destiny; we must try to reach a stage of near absoluteness. We have to prove what we claim we are. The beginning needs to be made afresh. No more time should be wasted and we must try to make use of every minute available to us.
Time in current age is moving faster than ever before so let it be caught, catching it is the only sure way to success sustenance and reaching the best possible destination for human in their individual and collective existence. The movement in the forward direction must begin, let’s make this happen.

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