New parking lots to ease pressure in city centre

New parking lots to ease pressure in city centre
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Srinagar: Despite around 42 spots having been identified in Srinagar as on-street paid parking spots, in an effort to streamline traffic, the city is still facing a parking problem.
To overcome the issue, two more parking slots are due to come up in the city.
The Srinagar Development Authority (SDA) is constructing parking lots at Sheikh Bagh and Press Enclave in Lal Chowk at a cost of Rs 55 crore.
In Sheikh Bagh, almost 26 percent of the work has been completed, while in Press Enclave concrete columns are being erected and up to 30 percent of the work is ready.
SDA Executive Engineer Javeid Ahmad Qadri told Kashmir Reader that the projects are expected to be completed in 2020. “The construction process of these parking lots was started in April (last year), and its deadline has been declared to be in 2020,” Qadri told Kashmir Reader adding that “if the situation remains peaceful, we will try to complete before our deadline.
Adding that the city has a lot of parking space, he said that the department is constructing these parking spots to overcome the mess of Srinagar commuting.
When asked what type of parking spots were being constructed, he replied, “We are going to construct them on ramps, which will be accommodating both two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles.”
He added that Press Enclave building “will have parking capacity of 467 four-wheelers and 150 two-wheelers, and Sheikh Bagh building can accommodate 430 four-wheelers and 50 two-wheelers”.
The parking lots will not be mechanised, like the one in old KMD bus stand. “Ramps facilitate direct entry to parking spaces, without any use of men or machinery, and these run at a very low cost that everyone can afford. Mechanized car parking has high running costs as it requires many things, like electricity, machinery and manpower, but the ramp type does not,” he added
The designs have been prepared by the State Design, Inspection and Quality Control Department. The Press Enclave parking lot would come at a cost of Rs 30 crore while the one in Sheikh Bagh would be constructed at a cost of Rs 25 crore. “Both the identified spaces have 13 kanals of land, and we are constructing four-storey buildings,” he added