JRL deliberating, says protests will continue

JRL deliberating, says protests will continue
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SRINAGAR: As the Supreme Court has deferred the hearing of Article 35-A till August 27, the joint resistance leadership (JRL) on Monday said the protest programmes against tinkering with the state subject law will continue as it is deliberating upon it.
The JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a statement said, “The deferment of the case by a few weeks is an indication about the intentions of the court which entertained these mischievous petitions backed by the RSS, as part of RSS’s well known agenda on J&K.”
The leadership said a strict vigil will be maintained on the situation as it will continue to devise and follow a collective strategy in consultation with all segments of society including traders, lawyers, civil society members, transporters and others.
JRL lauded the people of J&K “from all regions and religions” for their unity and “exemplary courage” in defending this law which is “fundamental to our existence as a nation”. “This law is directly linked to the disputed status of the entire state of J&K as people of the state are yet to exercise their right to self-determination guaranteed by the UN,” it said.
“The mischievous move to remove this provision is clearly aimed at undoing that possibility by changing the demographic nature of the state and settling non-residents here, hence undermining the conflict and its resolution,” it said adding that the people of J&K “in unison have sent a clear message to New Delhi that they will never allow these design against them to succeed”.
Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik added, “For the past 70 years especially the last three decades, the people of J&K are acutely suffering the disastrous consequences of the conditional accession to India thrust upon them by the then pro-India Kashmiri leadership and strengthened by successive pro-India parties. One by one, these conditions are being flaunted and flayed by the successive governments in India, while these pro-India parties become willing collaborators and partners in crime in all this all for the sake of power till things have come to such a pass that now our very survival as people is under serious threat and we all have to come on roads and be ready to spill blood to save it.”
“The people and we want to know that, is this the vision that the leaders of these pro-India parties had for the people of J&K that we are witnessing in Kashmir today? Is it for this that these parties compromised all along and the people of Kashmir paid dearly all along and continue to pay? Their lust for power coupled with their inabilities has today brought us face to face with such a crisis in the making where each citizen of the state is now forced to come out on streets and defend it with his life.”
“As in the past seventy years of onslaughts against us, the resilient and bold people of Kashmir will leave no stone unturned to resist this one more onslaught against them,” JRL said. “The leadership and the people of J&K are ready to die for safeguarding our identity and the disputed political status of our land and are all geared up to lead a political mass agitation against it. The sacrifices offered by our people especially the youth are too immense to ignore.”