Edu Dept fumes at social media ‘misconduct’ by employees

Edu Dept fumes at social media ‘misconduct’ by employees
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Invokes gag order after empolyee posts fake order

Irshad Khan

Srinagar: The Education Department has described the social media “misconduct” of its employees as a “behavioural disorder” and reminded them of the social media gag issued by the government last year.
In December last year, the then PDP-BJP coalition government told the state employees not to “engage in any criminal, dishonest, immortal or notoriously disgraceful conduct on social media which may be prejudicial to the government”.
The government asked the employees not to use “personal social media accounts for any political activity or endorse posts or tweets or blogs of any political figure” and also said that they “shall not use their accounts in a manner that could reasonably be construed to imply that the government endorses or sanctions their personal activities…”
The Service Rules Order (SRO) 525 stated, “They (employees) shall also not post inflammatory, extraneous messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response…”
In an order issued Friday, Director School Education Kashmir (DSEK), G N Itoo has said that “some employees of Education Department are involved in breach of instructions as strictly and clearly laid down in the SRO-525…”
The DSEK has said that the employees were involved into “uploading and sharing the fabricated, fudged and false information/ orders on behalf of government/DSEK through different modes of social media”.
“This act of misconduct from such employees is considered as behavioral disorder which is unacceptable, intolerable and warrants strict penalty proceedings as envisaged under law,” reads the DSEK’s order.
The order said that “Recently, an order was made viral on social media by an employee of this department of which a serious notice was taken and the defaulter employee was instantly identified for initiating disciplinary action against him”.
However, the order added, that the employee was “spared as being given the last opportunity with a warning in the strongest possible words to restrain from deviant activities henceforth after he tendered an apology”.
“Therefore, it is once again impressed upon all the officials of Education Department to strictly adhere to the circular instructions on the subject in letter and spirit under all circumstances,” warned the order.
A top-rung official at the DSEK told Kashmir Reader that the order was issued after an employee had recently “circulated a DSEK order about promotion of teachers, which had not taken place at all”.
“As you know, the government order (SRO-525) is already in vogue. Boss (DSEK) just added spice to it,” said the official.