17 teachers suspended for negligence of duties

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SRINAGAR: Chief Education Officer Ganderbal Friday suspended 17 teachers for negligence of duties.
As per the details provided, many inspection teams constituted by the CEO visited many schools in the District.During the inspection, eight teachers from BHS Cherwan, 2 from PS Cherwan, one Master and 5 teachers from MS Kharbagh, one teacher from BHS Safapora and one teacher from BHSS Safapora have been suspended for negligence in duties.
“In this regard, CEO has issued many orders vide no. CEO/Gbl/IMW/8021-24, CEO/Gbl/IMW/8028-30 and CEO/Gbl/IMW/8042-46, dated: 03-08-2018 according to which these teachers have been suspended and attached in their own schools.(sic),” statement reads.
As per the orders Nazir Ahmad Magray of PS Cherwan has been attached to HSS Nunar till the enquiry about the complaint against him is completed.
The suspended employees include one Master from MS Cherwan and one Physical Education Teacher from BHS Cherwan.
During the inspection of BHSS Safapora and High School Safapora, CEO Ganderbal said that the Department is taking strong notice of all the complaints being received from the public and these inspections are a part of the same process.
CEO has stressed upon all the teachers to work hard with dedication and do not show any negligence in imparting quality education to our future, i.e., the children.