Srinagar Nursing College without permanent campus and faculty

Srinagar Nursing College without permanent campus and faculty
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Irshad Khan

Srinagar: The only nursing college established by the Higher Education Department in Kashmir, last year, is without a campus of its own, as authorities have failed to identify land for the institution since its inception.
The department has not even appointed a permanent faculty to the college, which was run from inside Women’s College, M A Road, for the last year.
The Higher Education Department established two nursing colleges last year, one each for Srinagar and for Jammu.
Although the Kashmir-based nursing college took the lead against its Jammu counterpart in starting classes in 2017 itself, after Kashmir University granted it affiliation, the new institution was forced, with no land of its own, to start operations inside its current premises at Women’s College. The Jammu Nursing College could not start operations last year after Jammu University failed to grant it affiliation in time.
Acknowledging the Higher Education Department’s efforts to put in place the required infrastructure for the Srinagar Nursing College, the Principal of the college, Zamrooda Akhter, however wanted it to have a permanent campus of its own.
“The department has provided us all the required facilities, but we have conveyed to them that we should have a campus of our own,” Akhter said.
Without a permanent faculty, the nine faculty members presently employed include Akhter herself, an associate professor, an assistant professor and six tutors. All were appointed to the Srinagar Nursing College on consolidation basis in May last year, as per official documents.
Akhter also confirmed to Kashmir Reader that the nine faculty members, including herself, were “deputed” to the college.
She however informed that the process to identify land for a permanent campus for the college was in progress. “We were offered a private building in the vicinity of Amar Singh College at Gogji Bagh by the department some three months back. There were a couple of more buildings under consideration – one in uptown Chanapora and another at Kak Sarai – but none of them could qualify to run as a nursing college,” Akhter said.
Although Principal Women’s College, M A Road, Prof Shaheen declined to comment over the nursing college occupying part of the institution, a senior faculty member remarked, “They will have to find an accommodation of their own in the near future.”
Commissioner Secretary Higher Education Sarita Chauhan believes it a norm for higher educational institutions to be without campuses of their own initially.
Over the Srinagar Nursing College being without a campus of its own, Chauhan said, “It starts like that. I have not seen a college that got a building (right away) after it was established. They run from temporary structures, and buildings are built only later on… You just announce a college and run it immediately. That is how it has been. Rest of the things happen later.”
Chauhan, however, felt that the nursing college should have a campus of its own.
Permanent faculty to the Srinagar Nursing College would be appointed to the college once the posts are announced, as per Chauhan.