New Delhi should shun its rigid path: National Front

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Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir National Front on Thursday expressed serious concern over “the fresh attempts by the government of India to crush the political sentiments of Kashmiri’s”.
The party spokesperson in a statement said that New Delhi must take concrete measure to create a situation which can lead to resolution instead of confrontation.
“New Delhi’s only aim is to eradicate a historical fact of political background and is desperate to change laws and bring new ones. The policy makers must understand that the people of Jammu Kashmir can go to any extent as for as their identity and political sentiment is concerned. When New Delhi is trying to intervene in the issues like 35-A and 370, the common Kashmiris get emotional because they take it yet another onslaught on their peculiar political identity,” he said.
“GoI and its policy makers must take such steps which can lead to resolution instead of confrontation. These measures include release of prisoners, revoking of AFSPA, accepting of basic realities about Kashmir dispute so that uncertainty vanishes and the whole region can enjoy peace and stability,” he added.