14 drugs tested substandard in past 4 months

14 drugs tested substandard in past 4 months
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Srinagar: Trade in substandard drugs has attained an alarming level in Kashmir. In the past four months, 14 drugs, their samples mostly taken from government-run hospitals, have been found to be substandard by the Drug and Food Control Organisation (DFCO).
Some of the 14 drugs tested substandard are used in life-saving and emergency cases. They are supplied to government hospitals as well as private chemist shops. In tests done in the first quarter of 2018-2019, the DFCO has found 14 drugs to be not of standard quality (NSQ).
“The samples were drawn by Drug Inspectors of DFCO from different chemist shops and hospitals of Kashmir, including tertiary-care hospitals and supply stores of Jammu and Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation (JKMSC). The samples were also tested at central labs,” the DFCO Drug Analyst’s report says.
According to data prepared by DFCO, among the drugs tested as NSQ is Ratis-DSR (for stomach acidity) manufactured by M/s PDC Healthcare in Himachal Pradesh with manufacturing date June 2017 and expiry date May 2019.
“The contents of Rabeprazole sodium & Domperidone are found less than the claim made,” the report says of this drug. Its sample was taken from Kokernag hospital.
Similarly, Estadol, which is an emergency drug, manufactured by M/s SAMA Biotech in Himachal Pradesh (mfg. September 2017 and expiry August 2019), sample taken from Shopian district hospital, was tested as NSQ.
Other drugs in the list of substandard drugs are: Trocef by M/s Shri Sai Balaji Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd Himachal; Zinc Sulphate Dispersible Tablets I.P 10mg (JKMSCL Hospital Supply, Not for sale); L-NOVA-500 by M/s PDC Healthcare; OSIXIM-200 LB by M/s Skohind Labs 20; Metronidazole Tablets I.P 200mg (JKMSCL Hospital Supply) by M/s Modern Laboratories from Madhya Pradesh; Ocet-5 by M/s Asterisk Healthcare (H.P.); Omeprazole capsules I.P 20mg by M/s Regal Laboratories; 10 Torcuf-LS by M/s PDC Healthcare (H.P.); G-Pan D by M/s Orison Pharma International (H.P.); Novafed TM by M/s Welbeck Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd New Delhi; BIOCENAC-P by M/s Adwin Pharma (H.P.); and Myoz-20 by M/s Magnatek Enterprises (H.P.).