Cruelty toward Animals

Cruelty toward Animals
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One measure of the overall health of any given society is how it treats animals. This assertion or statement might sound bizarre and even arcane to most people in Kashmir given the cacophony and plethora of issues that defines Kashmir and the fragility of being here. But, nonetheless and regardless, it is an important issue and theme. Only a couple of days ago, a young bear was killed apparently through poisoning by the people of that area. The reason, it appears is, that locals of the area feared that the bear might maraud their fields and orchards. On the face of it, it appears to be a genuine reason but scratch the surface a little, the obnoxiousness of the act becomes manifest. First, consider a broader and a general point. Animals have their own habitat and ecosystem, from which they draw succor and nourishment. But, if this ecosystem is destroyed or tinkered and tampered with, then animals naturally have to look and forage elsewhere for survival. It is this survival need that may have made the bear in contention to foray elsewhere and forage for food. In this instance, the bear has paid the price for human misdemeanours, greed, demographic spillovers that have encroached upon natural habitats and ecosystems of animals. The result is a man animal relationship that is and has become intensely hostile. Animals are God’s creation too and they should be viewed as such. Of course, it would be naïve to posit that there can be a totally and completely harmonious relationship between man and animals , for obvious reasons. However, attempts should be made to actually not to make this relationship hostile. This can perhaps best be done by not encroaching upon the natural habitats of animals. Human greed must be circumscribed and policy measures devised that check rampant urbanization and land use. People should also be sensitized over the issue and urged not to either attack or harm animals, either out of fear, freed or other similar reasons. Once this is done, there should be all out attempts and efforts to not only preserve it also increase the range , spread and numbers of both our flora and fauna. In the final analysis, animals being animals and not having human ingenuity , intellect and communication , have to forage for food for survival. If they cant find it in their natural habitats, they will foray into human territory. The antidote, to a large, extent, lies in preserving, conserving and not disturbing their natural habitats. It is this measure and step that can help; not poisoning and killing!

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