Bandipora residents protest encroachment on Garder Kul

Bandipora residents protest encroachment on Garder Kul
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Bandipora: Residents in North Kashmir’s Bandipora District on Wednesday staged a strong protest demonstration at busy Nowpora Chowk by blocking traffic for hours together against the indifference of the government to stop illegal encroachments and waste dumping in Garder Kul.
The protesting residents said that they had been from very long appealing the administration to put “restrictions over the illegal encroachment on and around the Garder Koul besides putting efforts to clean it as due to massive waste dumping rivulet is dying its death.
The rivulet which passes through various areas in the outskirts of the District also makes way through the main town, market, and ultimately connects with other water sources which end up in Wular Lake.
The rivulet has witnessed massive encroachment at various places with the administration even forcefully removing structures to free it up in the past. Besides that, it is also used as an easy way out for dumping waste by both locals and administration, and due to houses and other units on and in its proximity, the wastewater is also directly released in the rivulet thus polluting it to the extreme.
The residents on Wednesday by protesting draw administrations attention towards it by blocking the road for at least two hours and demanded: “the administration to clean up the Nullah immediately and take action against encroachers and officials responsible for its current mess.
Later the protests were called off after the assurances of Exen PHE, Police and Traders Federation.