I cry when my films don’t work: Aamir Khan

I cry when my films don’t work: Aamir Khan
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Mumbai: He is often praised for his script sense but Aamir Khan says he has cried for the films that did not do well.

The actor-director says he has a curious mind and his biggest fear is not failure but of not trying.

“I want to go with my conviction while making a film and if there is a loss, I will mourn that also. I cry when my films don’t work,” the 53-year-old actor said on the sidelines of the second edition of Indian Scriptwriters Association.

Aamir believes it is a coincidence that his films have been successful.

“I often get the credit… It is a coincidence to a certain extent that my films have been successful. The fact is that the story is written by a writer and then has grown organically.”

He says filmmaking is a collaborative process and if any aspect — be it the script, casting, location, sound design, editing or marketing — fails, it will not work. For a film to be successful, it is important to hit the ball in the centre.