Chairs, benches double as ‘beds’ at SKIMS Bemina Emergency

Chairs, benches double as ‘beds’ at SKIMS Bemina Emergency
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Srinagar: Lack of adequate space at SKIMS Hospital Bemina has left many critical patients without a bed. The critical care areas at the hospital present a chaotic scene as doctors and patients jostle for a little more space to move around. The situation is such that chairs meant for staff and benches meant for patients are being used as “beds” in the emergency ward.
“It’s unfortunate that temporary and broken beds fill up the corridors and every available space, blocking even the way to washrooms,” a doctor rued.
Aijaz Ahmad, an attendant to a patient, said that nurses and doctors were so busy that patients get only two to three minutes of consultation after hours of wait.
“It’s a messy situation here. The patients are denied admission on grounds such as lack of beds. The hospital also lacks life-saving equipment and drugs, which further aggravates the situation,” he said.
Bilal Ahmad from Pattan said his son was first referred to SKIMS Soura on a “lame excuse”.
“He was screaming in pain as he needed urgent treatment in his broken leg. He was a trauma case but they refused to admit him. It was after a lot of hue and cry that they admitted him here,” he said.
As per official sources, the emergency department of SKIMS Bemina sees 200 patients every day, the hospital’s location on the highway making it a convenient stop. The sources said that the hospital does not have adequate ICU facility nor its own diagnostic laboratory, which leads to delay and difficulty in getting necessary tests done in time.
“Many critical patients are referred to other hospitals due to lack of life-support equipment and diagnostic facility,” a senior doctor said.
He said the emergency department is also without proper resuscitation equipment. “Despite several requests, authorities haven’t solved our problems. We are the main victims and sometimes become the target of angry people,” the doctor said.
Medical Superintendentof SKIMS Bemina, Dr Shifa Deva, admitted that lack of space makes it difficult to cater to the huge rush of patients. However, she said that the administration has already started construction of a new emergency block.
“The main rush is of trauma patients, who come in large numbers due to the strategic location of the hospital on the highway. Many patients are facing inconvenience due to lack of space,” she said.
“We usually admit every critical patient who reaches our Emergency unit. However, we are able to admit only 30 because the facility has only 20 beds. Others are either shifted to Wards or sent back after initial treatment,” she said.