3 years after installation, street lights dismantled for ‘reinstallation’ on Chunt Kul bund

3 years after installation, street lights dismantled for ‘reinstallation’ on Chunt Kul bund
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SRINAGAR: In what could be termed as ill-planning and loss to the state exchequer, the street lights dotting the Chunt Kul rivulet bund from Gaw Kadal to Barbarshah are being removed.
The concrete bases of around ten poles have been broken down already and men are on work to dismantle all of them which are around fifty in number.
The lights had been installed after the floods in 2014 by Jammu and Kashmir Housing Board, on the whole stretch and tiles were also installed for the beautification of the street.
Locals said that after a period of five months, majority of the lights “stopped working” and are “non-functional.”
According to the contractor who was supervising the work, the poles are to be “reinstalled” on the raised bund since the poles were “short”.
“The poles are to be reinstalled on the raised bund; they were earlier installed on the street level. These are short poles and were prone to damages from the boys who used to swing on them,” the supervisor said.
“Now we will reinstall them on the raised bund to give it more height which for good.” he said.
While some residents living on the bund “appreciated” the intention, however, they have accused the authorities of “mismanagement” and said that they have “ruined” the tiles and the street surface in the process.
“Why did they install the short poles in the first place? What are their engineers doing? After so many years the bund was looking good with the lights and tiles,” a local woman said.
“At the time of installing the lights we told them that they are too short and will create problems in future,” a local youth said. “Now if they wanted to reinstall them and raise them in height, at least they should have done it before installing the tiles. It is wastage of funds.”
Officials at the housing board said they had installed the lights a couple of years back and had “no information” about the reinstallation.
“We don’t know who is doing that. After installation we take care for some more months and then the maintenance part is done by the SMC. We have no role in this,” said Aftaab Pandith, Deputy General Manager, housing board Srinagar.
Despite repeated attempts, Srinagar Municipality Commissioner, Riyaz Wani could not be contacted for his comment.