Understanding Divine Connections between Man and Creator

Understanding Divine Connections between Man and Creator
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Revelation is a setting for the illumination of the soul. If righteousness, justice and integrity are the lifelines of the utopian and ideal state, a scheme of spiritual education and revelation is essential for the enlightenment of the soul. Education is not just about being well-educated and knowledgeable but about acquiring knowledge that is useful and the predisposition for making profitable use of that knowledge. And, Revelation is the way towards an all-inclusive and complete education.
As, the Holy Quran states:
“And it is not for a man that Allah should speak to him except by direct revelation, or from behind a veil, or by sending a messenger to reveal by His command what He pleases. Surely, He is Mighty, Wise. And thus have we revealed to thee the Word by Our command. Thou didst not know what the Book was, nor what was the faith. But we have made the revelation a light, whereby we guide such of our servants as we please. And truly thou dost guide mankind to the right path” (Holy Quran, Chapter 42, verses 52-53).
The basic goal and objective of Islamic education is the creation of a noble, upright and virtuous human being who hypothesizes and constructs up the structure of his worldly life according to the canons of ‘Shariah’ and employs it to uphold his or her faith. Devotion in Islam is comprehensive and all-inclusive which is not limited to the physical performance of spiritual rituals only but it is multidimensional embracing all characteristics of devotion, faith, action, thought, feeling and work.
Education must fulfill two things: (i) it must enable and empower man to understand his Creator in the true sense (ii) it must support man to identify the ways and paths of Allah in the Universe, explore the earth and its resources in a balanced manner and strengthen his faith. The sources of knowledge have two categories: (i) Divine revelation (ii) The human intelligence, its eternal and ever-lasting interaction with the universe by reflection, observation, meditation, experimentation, and application. Man cannot on his own be properly guided to the Divine truth and life cannot be planned in the proper way, henceforth the need of Divine Revelation. According to the Islamic view, man must acquire wisdom and knowledge which makes him a noble and wise man. Islam grants a universal and rationally acceptable standard in the notion of Man and God and undoubtedly revelation is the representative of Man-God connection (Syed Muhammed al-Naquib, 1979).
No doubt every feature or attribute of revelation is a source of the greatest blessing for mankind. But , the revelation that comes in actual words get to the top or overpowers all lusts, desires and pleasures and is a path towards highest spiritual blessings and sanctifications. These spiritual messages are well-kept-up for the welfare and benefit of mankind and are made up of prophecy and divination, which are the most significant sources of proving the reality to those who do not believe in the existence of Almighty Allah.
Revelations do happen in verses or words and such revelations are the most blessed wonders for humanity(Mahar Abdul Haq, 1991). It is the best kind of all revelations and there is no doubt in its truth because it comes from Almighty Allah himself (Tafseer-e-Kabeer, Chapter Al-Zilzal, p 448). People who do not believe in revelations repudiate Almighty Allah and its very existence altogether. They claim that the self-styled revelation is no more than a motivation of the thoughts. Brahmo Samaj can be cited example in this regard. Those who refute the divine system of revelation are themselves completely devoid of the Divine Revelation. Islam teaches that every society had their prophet and every one of them had been given the divine wisdom and knowledge in their own language. Consequently, revelation is not limited to any single language or person. It came to the lucky divine souls in their own language. Language may be a necessary but not a sufficient condition for this blessing because the sufficient condition is a heart full of love and enthusiasm for the all-powerful Allah.
For accomplishing excellence and purity here and the Hereafter there must be the sound understanding of the Holy Quran which for all intents and purposes creates a good interface between the man and his Creator and maintains the spirit of Revelation. For both inner and outer growth and development of mankind, there must be a good interface between the man and his Creator. Revelation, therefore, is the most trustworthy and enlightening sign of Almighty Allah. It is a clear and most reliable fact that without Divine Revelation, one could never be guided to the right path. It is a path towards the good interface between man and his creator. Furthermore, it is only through Divine Revelation that a consistent and reliable seal is attached to our logical postulations and suppositions that a Creator should exist. For that reason, in order to live well and peacefully, it would be absolutely necessary for a true divinity or the creator to be able to converse or interact with mankind and reveal his orders and guidelines.
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The author is a Research Scholar at the Department of Economics, Central University of Kashmir, an Academic Counsellor, IGNOU STUDY CENTRE 1209,S.P. College, Srinagar and an Editor in EPH – International Journal of Business and Management Science & Asian Journal of Managerial Science. She us an IJRULA title awards, 2018 winner (Best Researcher, 2018) and can be reached at: qadribinish@gmail.com

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  1. Abdul Qayoom Qazi   July 31, 2018 at 11:59 am

    Dear binish qadri sahiba.
    May Allah bestow his blessings of showers to u always. I am delighted that the daughters in our society has such type of thinking as you mentioned in your article. One thing i want to sujjest to you if you are interested in this field this whole philosophy is based on the inner engineering of a human which is not possible with out proper guide and this can not be soloved by giving the reference of a book because your own body is your book for testifying the every truth which is existing in the universe. There is no other laboratory other than your wajood. Go through it you will feel blessed. Your every inhale and exhale leads to you towards the grave but if you are conscious it will lead you to enlightment. Wishes you all the best.