Seminar-cum-awareness programme on hepatitis held at Shopain

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Shopian: Department of health services and district surveillance unit of Shopian in collaboration with SBGM Nursing College Shopian on Monday held a day-long seminar-cum-awareness programme on hepatitis at the mini secretariat here.
In the seminar, doctors from Shopian, Anantnag and Srinagar shared information about the causes of breakout of this disease, its cure, care, prevention and symptoms.
Chief Medical Officer Dr Abdul Rasheed in his address said people must inform his office of doctors in their respective health centres wherever they see medical practitioners using single syringe, needle and drip set for more than one patient.
“They should inform us about barbers using single blade for more than one customer; similarly about dental clinics who are not maintaining hygiene in clinics,” he said.
The doctors present there stressed upon people to use boiled water since the water available in the district is heavily contaminated which has also given rise to many cases of Hepatitis A and E.
ADC Shopian Parvaiz Ahmad Ganie said there was a rise in number of hepatitis cases. “If we together fight against it, the diseases will soon be wiped out from the district,” he said.
Doctors on the occasion said that unsafe sex, leech therapy, ear piercing, nose pricking, use of infected blades at barber shops, intravenous (IV) drug users and unsterilized syringes in clinics are the major causes of spread of hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV).
They said that Hepatitis B, C and D cause long term infection, chronic hepatitis which can lead to liver scarring, liver failure and liver cancer.
About symptoms, they said those face these symptoms should consult doctors at their nearest health centres.
They described the symptoms of hepatitis as: Pain areas – in the abdomen; gastrointestinal – bleeding, bloating, fluid in the abdomen or nausea; whole body – fatigue, fever, or loss of appetite; skin – web of swollen blood vessels in the skin or yellow skin and eyes.
It is pertinent to mention here that 410 people in Shopian are suffering with different kind of hepatitis and all these cases were found among 6000 persons after their sampling was conducted by health officials.
The department of health has taken initiative to conduct sampling of 55000 persons in Vehil belt of district Shopian.