PHE supplies contaminated water in Shopian

PHE supplies contaminated water in Shopian
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Officials blame cloudburst, Mughal Road

Shopian: Whenever it rains, the department of Public Health and Engineering fails to provide drinking water supply in Shopian district as most of its filtration plants are either dysfunctional or supply contaminated water.
Residents from different villagers described the government claim of providing filtered water to people a lie.
“For a month, we are bringing drinking water from a spring three kilometres from the village as the water supplied by PHE department is too dirty,” Javid Ahmad Kumar, a resident of Pinjora village said.
A group of senior citizens from the Shopian town said that most of the filtration plants in the district are filled with mud and sand and questioned how these plants would be able to filter water.
According to doctors, around 400 people in Shopian are suffering with different strains of Hepatitis, including Hepatitis E caused by contaminated water supplied in areas like Vehil, Shamsipora, Meminder and several adjoining areas.
The inhabitants of more than hundred villages including Trenz, Turkwangam, Chitragam and Imamsahib face similar problems.
“We have fear epidemic break out in our area as since the start of this year, the department always supplies contaminated water which even animals refuse to drink,” Muhammad Rafi Dat, a resident of Imamsahib village said.
Muhammad Abid Saqi, who lives in Meminder area, said that the reason of break out of hepatitis in Vehil belt was the apathy of PHE department who according to him were “playing with the lives of innocent people”.
Insiders in the PHE blame construction of Mughal road for adding to water contamination.
“As soon it starts raining, the dust, mud and wastes lying on the sides of Mughal road comes down in the rivulet as the river passes besides it, and our filtration plants do not have strength to filter that level of contamination,” an officer from the department said.
Executive Engineer, PHE), Nisar Ahmad Shah told Kashmir Reader that two cloudbursts caused major snag in the filtration plants and it would take two more days to clear the water contamination.
He added that the department has sent a project report to government about the construction of big filtration plant at Dhobijan which will cost Rs 32 crores but the project has not been cleared by government for the last two years.
Shah also maintained the construction of Mughal Road increased the water contamination and affected supplies as erosions frequently block water sources.