Fake Doctors Flourish because of Negligence and Ignorance

Fake Doctors Flourish because of Negligence and Ignorance
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By Samiullah Azeem

It was quite unfortunate to see a person practicing as a ‘doctor’, holding a trust in a society by displaying a degree on board, which later on turned out to be fake, and then apprehended for the same. The self proclaiming “orthopedic surgeon”, who was practicing at multiple places across North Kashmir, had got huge fame in the entire region and was practicing for years altogether. The scene outside his clinic has pinched incertitude to the other legitimate doctors and health practitioners, who have literally burnt their mid-night oil to get that medical degrees and serve society on genuine and legitimate bases.

This self-proclaimed surgeon had created a big market not only as a practitioner but was believed as the only ‘orthopedic’ in the entire region, which however, ended up with the disclosure of a big deception. That guy has got a fake medical degree and has been deceiving people for years altogether. The news came as a shock and its hype shook the social media, diffused like an ache inside a body and the same treated organs started panicking.

The matter of concern is that, there is still a place for such hoodlums who roam around freely and just for sake of some pennies; the non-licensed clinics approve these thugs to work in without an investigation of valid license and degrees. Witnessing these kinds of unfortunate incidents, the reason of increasing health issues and fatal diseases is crystal clear. It’s not for the first time these ill persons were exposed; every month or every year these persons get revealed over different domains of the valley, and their appearance clearly signals out that there is a grave indifference from the health governing bodies.

It has been observed that every time a fake doctor gets exposed, everyone loses his mind as everyone pretends that there is a serious game been played with a human body. But, the story does not end here: there is yet a lot to be evaluated, which is often concerned with the health and human well being and again the indiscipline and frivolous approach by the governing bodies fetches up with the insane diseases.

Adding some key features on the dashboard which almost comprises the same level of insanity not less than the accused pseudo doctor, but ironically is ignored by everyone of us as treatment of mild diseases , although this piles up the same consequences as left by the doctor.

Yes, this is what happens in the local chemist units and the role of non technical and undeserved nurses in the health sector. Anyone without the knowledge and skills enters the health zone, and no one ever has shown concern over this malpractice.

How come a person becomes eligible without any knowledge of medicine and drugs and makes prescription, just because he has been working in some pharmaceutical shop over some time?

And, how come a non technical person can work inside a health care unit just because he has been working there as a unit boy and running the systems there? There is surely ignorance on part of the health authorities who not only allow but also show a blind eye towards these malpractice. The answer is that all this can happen because of negligence by health authorities. It is high time that these ungainly practices be stopped!

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