The Queen of Tears Returns

The Queen of Tears Returns
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By Fida Hussain Sodagar

Mehbooba Mufti is in tears again. It seems she is in love with tears. However, it is when she is out of power that Mehbooba becomes the queen of tears. She wept profusely while speaking on the 19th foundation day of PDP. On this particular day, the irony is that the party is on the brink of torment. So, the tragedy is bigger than the celebration. Snatching power is more painful than losing power. This is what the BJP did with BJP.
But, all said and done, it was Mehbooba’s speech that was more interesting than her weeping. The speech reflected that she is suffering from short term memory loss. She forgets easily but people don’t. The Post mortem of her maiden speech after losing chair reveals a lot about her intentions. Earlier, she praised the BJP; now she termed the coalition as drinking a cup of poison. No doubt on thousand occasions, she had opportunity to pull out but she firmly stuck to her chair. Did not the poison have any effect on her when she was in power? The compromise they did by romancing with BJP was the biggest deception with the people of Kashmir. Earlier, she used the “Mufti Sahab dream” rhetoric to justify the coalition; now she is trashing the dreams of her father. People had voted for them to keep BJP out of the Kashmir. They helped it to protrude forcefully. Deceit begets deceit that is what PDP met with!
In her speech, Mehbooba asserted that her motive was to stop the bloodbath in Kashmir. Let her understand that her tenure is already filled with the blood of innocent youth of Kashmir. Who can forget the brutal repression of the 2016 unrest? The showers of pellets blinded young boys and girls, shattering their lives. The whole of Kashmir was plunged into darkness and the killing spree was piercing every part of the valley. The bloodshed shattered the backbone of Kashmiri people. Mehbooba Mufti, instead of condemning, lambasted the people of Kashmir for being violent. Who can forgot the Toffee and Milk remark while referring to children who were killed?

A couplet by Mirza Ghalib sums up the tragedy of the PDP:

“Hathoon Mai Jumbish Nahi, Aankhoon Mai To Dum Hai;
Rehne do sagar-o-meena mere aage.”

“My hands definitely are in-efficacious in attaining what I desire for;

But, my eyes can imagine what ever impossible desire I wish for. So, at least let the alcohol be served to me.”
There is a complete paradigm shift in the political behavior of Mehbooba Mufti. The shedding of tears is just a political stunt to garner the sympathy and empathy of the people. This time, her “Mufti Sahab dream rhetoric” fell flat. The tears that were ejecting from her lachrymal glands for the dreams of her father have been reversed against the dreams. Now , the blame is on Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. The crocodile tears will not be able to wash the blood on the streets. The deception that shattered the Kashmir will not be erased by the tears that are aimed to retrieve the lost power.

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