State-owned power house in Uri damaged due to ‘official negligence’

State-owned power house in Uri damaged due to ‘official negligence’
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BARAMULLA: The state-owned Lower Jhelum Hydro Electric Power Project (LJHP) in Bimyar area of Uri in this north Kashmir district was partially damaged on Saturday afternoon due to official negligence, resulting in non functional of the power house.
Sources said that a main pipeline including a main valve inside the LJHP developed some cracks on Saturday afternoon with the result machinery worth lakhs of rupees got damaged and forced the officials cut the power house for more than 20 hours.
They said that a lot of machinery including pipes, valves and pumps were changed by the project authorities last year through some local contractors. “But they used duplicate machinery/material and only after one year a main valve and a main pipe developed cracks, with the result the water overflowed and it damaged a lot of machinery and forced officials to stop the power project,” sources said.
Soon after the incident, a team of engineers of the project reached on the spot and started its maintenance. “However, the power house went non functional for more than 20 hours and state lost lakhs of rupees,” they said.
On Sunday afternoon, sources said, the engineers repaired the power house partially and started one of its turbine but two other are still non functional.
The LJHP with the capacity of 105 mega watt was build in 1977 and it was decided that 20% of its revenue will be used in its maintenance. “But nothing was used for its maintenance till date,” sources said.
The executive engineer Nazir Ahmad Wani confirmed that a valve got damaged on Saturday and the project was stopped for at least 20 hours. He however refused that duplicate material was used last year.
“A valve inside the power house developed cracks due to pressure resulting in non functional of the power house for 20 hours. But we repaired it on Sunday and made the power house functional. We lost several lakhs of rupees but it happens sometime. No one can stop it,” he said, adding, “no duplicate material was used last year when we repaired some of its machinery.”