Mehbooba’s theatrics has no takers, she has betrayed people: NC

Mehbooba’s theatrics has no takers, she has betrayed people: NC
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‘Where were the tears when young children were being killed?’

SRINAGAR: National Conference (NC) on Saturday said PDP president Mehbooba Mufti’s “theatrics” at a PDP event here had no takers in the state as she had “betrayed” the people repeatedly in last four years “with the singular aim of her own political career and empowerment”.
In a statement, NC state spokesperson said, “It was amusing that Mehbooba Mufti realised that she was wearing a ‘crown of thorns’ only after being unceremoniously shunted out as the chief minister of an alliance she re-validated after continuing with the BJP in the aftermath of Late Mufti Sahab’s demise in the absence of the alleged ‘CBMs’ that she had sought as a condition to go ahead.”
“It appears Mehbooba Mufti suddenly sees BJP as all evil and manipulative while she used to be their biggest advocate while she sat in the chief minister’s chair. When in power, the ‘cup of poison’ was brimming with hope and positivity for the PDP,” he said.
The spokesperson said Mehbooba had left no stone unturned during her tenure to barter the interests of the state for power and weaken and disempower the state’s special status and political rights.
“It was Mehbooba Mufti who gave an open field to national agencies to conduct raids and carry out arrests in Kashmir and today she wants us to believe that she was victimised by the BJP because she was seeking the release of those she helped get arrested? It was Mehbooba Mufti who bartered the state’s fiscal autonomy through the extension of the GST law to the J&K through a Presidential Order. It was during her government’s tenure that the youth of the state were pushed into a corner and forced to pick up arms in numbers that the valley hadn’t witnessed since the early nineties.”
“And today Mehbooba Mufti sheds a tear or two expecting all that to be erased so she can fool the people again. Fortunately the people of the state are aware of PDP’s reality and won’t be fooled again,” he added.
NC spokesperson said for all the resentment that the PDP today harbours against its former alliance partner BJP, one wonders what stopped Mehbooba Mufti from raising these issued in her meetings with the prime minister and more recently what stopped PDP from raising these issues during the No Confidence Motion in the Parliament?
“Why did the party abstain when it had an opportunity to put these same grievances and issues on record? The fact of the matter is that Mehbooba Mufti found BJP to be the best thing under the sun till she was in power and today she wants us to believe that her dissent against the BJP led to her sacking,” he said.
“Where were Mehbooba Mufti’s tears when children were being butchered under her supervision? Wasn’t it the same Mehbooba Mufti who justified civilian killings – especially those of young children – by sarcastically asking reporters if the slain children had gone near army camps to “buy toffees and milk”? How has that arrogance in power now been replaced by remorse and empathy out of power?” the NC spokesperson asked.