Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady
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In all likelihood and by all signs and indicators, ace cricketing sports star turned politician of Pakistan is slated to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Whether he will cobble together a coalition or rope in independents to form the government is beside the point. The fact is that he will assume the highest office of the country after almost twenty two years of slogging it out in the political arena. At one level, this feat testifies to the very tenacity and dogged stubbornness of the man against odds. This has been the outstanding personality trait and feature of Imran Khan. Be it the building and flourishing of he cancer hospital he initiated and made possible or the victory of Pakistan’s victory in the World Cup under his stewardship, Khan succeeded in these endeavors by virtue of his personality features. The same could be said to hold for his political feat and success. Now that Khan is at the cusp of becoming the likely Prime Minister of Pakistan, he faces multiples challenges at multiple fronts. While it’ s not clear what his policy stances , positions and approaches will be , and these will be clearer with the passage of time, this does detract from the nature of the challenges. Broadly speaking, it would appear that the various interconnected themes that have happened in Pakistan in the recent past, suggest that the country is in consolidation phase with Khan’s election capping these. Again, taking the broader canvass as a starting point, the whole of South Asia is in the throes of transition and may even be at an inflection point, so to speak. However, how this will denoue remains in the domain of the “ unknown unknown”. But, the hope is that politics of the region should pan out in a way that redounds to the overall benefit of the peoples constituting the firmament of South Asia. In a world where it is alleged that there is a “democratic recession” and the spread of populism thereof, South Asia can potentially throw some relief onto this condition , develop and crystallize paradigms that smell of roses. All this not only to suggest and root for a demonstration effect but instituting robust political paradigms that not only lend themselves to the cumulative welfare of peoples forming the rubric of South Asia but also leads to regional peace.

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