Municipal Committee dumping waste on stream bank in Magam

Municipal Committee dumping waste on stream bank in Magam
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Water of Ferozpur Nallah used by scores of villages for daily use

Magam: The Municipal Committee Magam is dumping solid waste on the banks of a major stream in the town.
The Ferozpur Nallah, which provides water to scores of villages, is facing serious threat from the waste dumped on its banks.
Residents said that the authorities instead of identifying a landfill site outside the town dump all the waste on the banks of Ferozpur Nallah.
Sheeraz Bhat, a local resident said, the waste dumped on the banks gets mixed with the water which is being used for washing, bathing and even drinking purpose by more than a dozen villages.
The Ferozpur Nallah originates from Tangmarag and passes through dozens of villages before joining the River Jehlum.
The villages which use water from the stream for daily use including drinking are Baba Pura, Malabuchun Malmoo, Tomgiharan, Tantray Pora, Hagar Pora , Habak, Gund, and Khawaja Kasim village.
“The people of these villages have been complaining of the skin allergy and allege that it is because of the waste which pollutes the water,” Bhat said.
Shair Ali, a local shopkeeper, recalled that he used to drink water from the stream.
“I used to drink this water. The water in Firozpur Nallah was clean and refreshing. But the heaps of garbage on the banks are making the stream polluted,” Shair said.
“No resident was ready to give land for dumping waste. In fact, the land which is now dumping site on the banks of Jhelum does not even have a road. The municipal tractors pass through a nallah for the disposal of waste,” Ali said.
The residents said, as the temperature increases, the garbage emits a foul smell.
“Despite approaching the concerned officials in the Municipal Committee and district administration, the officials have failed to take any concrete steps,” the locals said.
Executive Officer, Municipal Committee Magam Farooq Ahmad, admitted that the committee was using the place for dumping and said the committee would find another dumping site “soon”.
“We too are concerned, but we don’t have any other option. We don’t have another dumping site in the area,” Farooq said.
“The reason behind selecting the place for dumping the solid waste is not known to me yet as I have recently joined the office.”
“We also don’t like tractors passing through it. But unfortunately, there is no road connectivity to the said place,” he said.
“I have been working tirelessly to find the alternative but till date I have failed to find it,” he added.