Pellet Victim(s) Rehab

Pellet Victim(s) Rehab
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The distinctive hallmark of any given society is how it treats its most vulnerable segments, the poor and the needy. On this front, contrary to perceptions and memories of yore, we do not appear to score too well. In fact, while it’s not clear what the real reason is but it would appear that we, as a society, have and are becoming self absorbed by the day. This is perhaps best reflected in our indifference to the plight of those fellow members of our society who fall victim to happenstance, misfortune, accidents, the conflictual conditions and so on. One such example of societal indifference is that towards the victims of pellet injuries. These people, an assorted and a motley group, post their injuries , at times, due to financial constraints and issues , or other structural issues, do not receive the treatment for their rehab as they should. While there has been a degree of “judicial activism” to address their plight , but the plea for this is addressed to the administration. In the final analysis, the onus for the rehabilitation of the underprivileged victims of fate or misfortune and so on, which includes pellet victims, largely falls on society. But, here, unfortunately, we, as a society are negligent. Outpourings of grief and verbal utterances of support for underprivileged victims are not enough. These people, whatever the nature of their debilities, injuries or accidents need real and tangible assistance to either help them get by, depending upon the nature of the case, and , or, give them enough tangible support and assistance that allows them to live a dignified life. This is something that our religion, moral and ethical sensibilities and their concomitant, social responsibility entails. But, yet again, we are remiss here. The question and issue is largely that of will and collective action to fulfill these religio ethical duties and responsibilities. Our negligence not only cause gratuitous pain and suffering to the suffering sections of our society but also undue misery. This is a structural lacuna that must be addressed on an urgent basis. If and when society takes a collective decision to take care of victims who need assistance, the how and where’s of the process will inevitably reveal themselves. These are mere corollaries. The larger question is that of society’s resolve. Rehabilitation of pellet injury victims would be a good starting point to both test and bring it to fruition.

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