Fruit Mandi Sopore suffers due to ‘Chakka Jam’

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Srinagar: Fruit Mandi Sopore, second largest Mandi in Asia is badly hit by “Chakka Jam” as smooth transportation of early varieties of Apples has become almost impossible, President FG&DA Fruit Mandi Sopore said on Thursday.

The fruit growers as well as dealers of Fruit Mandi Sopore suffered due to the ongoing “Chakka Jam”, called by All India Transport Association.

FG&DA Fruit Mandi Sopore appealed Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to make the availability of transport possible for fruit growers for smooth transportation and save the fruit industry from suffering more.

The members of Fruit Mandi Sopore today held a peaceful demonstration to highlight their problems arisen due to “Chakka Jam”.