An Open Letter to My University Professor

An Open Letter to My University Professor
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By Shah Younis Dear Professor:

It was hard to pen this letter: How can I say that the time has come to bid you farewell and depart from you? Honestly speaking, I was not mentally prepared to write to you but the love and respect that my heart feels for you compelled me to do so on this sad occasion where I am drifting apart from you. Though we are separating from each other but the memories that I have attached with you will always keep you alive in my mind and heart. They won’t let me feel your separation. I will always remember your smiling face, your cracking of jokes, your way of handling the difficult situations and the how you encouraged students to rise on their own feet.
I just want express my gratitude: Thank you for everything you have taught me. Though I know the word “thank you” is very small. You have provided me with a new vision to look at the things in a different way. You have taught me to how to cope up with difficult situations and come out of these successfully. Thanks for infusing me with the confidence that I lacked; you made me believe that I can do it! You would not just tell me to keep going, but you were encouraging and constantly leading me on the right path when I was lost and confused about my future. Thank you for always being honest and for all of the constructive criticism that helped me to bring change where it was needed. It helped me to explore my full potential and allowed me to do things I never thought I would be able to do.
You believe in me when I would doubt on my abilities. I appreciate the opportunities I’ve been able to have, opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to have anywhere else. Because of you, I’ve tried different activities and opened my eyes to a variety of possibilities.
Hour time and dedication to our class is noticed and will not go unappreciated. We all love you, and I know we will all miss you when it is time for us to leave. But, know that no matter where we all end up, we are all going to be a family; we are all going to remember you, and one day you will be there to see some of us get married.
Moreover, one day I am going to reflect on the countless hours spent in your office, just venting about my day or my week. I will remember the countless tears shed in the office with some of my closest friends. These will be my favorite university memories; memories I will share with my progeny. I can only hope they have a professor as good as you. Someday when I will achieve my goal in my life; just keep in mind that I will look back and remember how lucky I was to have such an influential professor like you who guided me, encouraged me and showed the right path at every time. You were a torch bearer whom we follow blindly and I m proud to follow you. Wherever we will live I hope we will remain connected with each other. I will never be able to forget you or the memories attached with you. Memories are beautiful for they give you the feel of togetherness when you are hundreds of miles apart from each other.
I will conclude with these words of S. T Coleridge:
To meet, to know, to love, and then to part;
Is the tale of many a human heart.
Your loving student

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