Plantation drive kick started in Charar

Plantation drive kick started in Charar
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NGOs, students join hands

Junaid Dar

Charar-i-Sharief: A daylong session was organized by the Life Foundation Charar-i-Sharief in collaboration with Earth Day network, UN environment and Sanctuary nature foundation under the banner of “Go green Kashmir” (Sheikh-UL-Alam Eco-Restoration Project)here on Sunday.
The Project was kick started by the organizers and students enrolled with the foundation as green ambassadors, by planting deodar and pine trees in the premises of famous shrine of Sheikh-ul-Alam, after whose name this global project has been named.
Session was attended by the students, Teachers and volunteers who are associated with the foundation from several years are working on the projects for conservation of forests and environment.
Speaking on the occasion, State coordinator of “Earth day Network” Nadeem Qadri highlighted the environmental issues which needs immediate attention to avoid further environmental degradation which otherwise can prove disastrous for future generation”.
He also said that the people should come forward to save environment by planting more and more trees.
The organizers introduced the participants with the idea of “Nature University” and the first class was also held in the open air campus in the lush green meadows of yousmarg. “The main purpose of the Nature University is to engage people into walk talks about the environment, this is a kind of space where we will discuss the environmental issues with the people who get connected with our team” Qadir told Kashmir reader.
Highlighting the need and importance of trees, Qadri said that the global audience needs to put hands together to stop harming nature for personal benefits. “We are going to share this idea with the global community as it is a high time to join hands to make planet green, beautiful and clean,” Qadri said.
Meanwhile Director of life Foundation Dr Nazrul-Islam who is also the principal of Life School said that the message of Sheikh-ul-Alam about the environment needs to be followed “there is a famous quote of sheikh-ul “Ann posh teli yeli wann posh which means environment will survive till there is a forest so we want to make Kashmir green and clean by following this famous quote of Alamdar Ra,” .
More over students and all other participants took a brief cleanliness drive in the surrounding of famous shrine to create the awareness among the masses about keeping the area around Shrine clean.
“we are happy to be a part of this project and we are very enthusiastic to do something for the betterment of our society, it is very important to take care of our surroundings and this session has made our vision more clear “ a group of students from Life school while talking to Kashmir Reader said.