A School that Stands Out

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Rameez Bhat

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” said Nelson Mandela. Indeed, it is through education one can touch horizons and can mold the whole world. Our religion, Islam has put a great thrust on education as it is proved by its First revelation. Islam has recommended to all, whether male or female, to attain education. For that matter, the social, religious and political organization, Jamaat e Islami, had established schools in 1975 under the name “Falai Aam Trust(FAT)”. The purpose was to fulfill the contemporary challenges in education system and to provide students both Islamic and modern world education.
Undoubtedly, the present era is the era of technology and innovation; we are witnessing competition not only in students but in schools as well. Recently, I attended the 22nd death anniversary of Shaheed Nazir Ahmad Lone, who was the founding father of the school (Syed Bahu u Din Memorial Public School) which was established in the year 1993. Shaheed Nazir Ahmad Lone’s vision was to establish a school where the students can get education which will inculcate scientific temper among the students at the same time can provide them religious education. As per the locals, Lone sahib was a visionary and an honest, pious and a dedicated person. He was noted for his kindness, sympathy and a bleeding heart in the whole area. Lone Sahib never bowed down before the might. He had nerves of steel and had made his mind to serve the society. Thus, he died for the noble cause. Since his death, the school has gone great guns and has given birth to so many doctors, engineers, writers, professors, and teachers even administrative officers and much more, which are not famous in their area only but in the whole state as well.
However, in the year 2009 Nazir sahib’s son, Shaheen Lone dissociated the school from FAT due to some controversy.
Now, since the school has charged by Shaheen lone it has shown huge improvement in both the curricular and co-curricular activities. Before the establishment of the school, the literacy rate of the area was very poor and merely 10-12% but with the inception of the school the literacy graph has improved a lot and at present it is more than 70%, and the credit goes to the respective school. In the adjacent areas, the people are all praise for this feat. Time and again this school has brought laurels to the whole area believe the locals.
Talking me, one former student of this school, Mohammad Yousuf (who is by profession now Assistant professor) shares his opinion about the school in these words: I have studied in this school up to 10th standard. In those days I still remember the teachers were not well qualified but they were well educated. Although the school administration was not cooperative but all the teachers were honest, dedicated and hardworking. In those days our teachers were getting meagre pay but they were satisfied with their job, their job was to groom the whole personality of a student. I’m telling you from the heart that whatever I have achieved and gained in my life, obviously, there is a contribution of this FAT school”
In fact, the school has done a yeomen’s service to the area. It provides the best education. “Every year we update our syllabus, we first discuss things with good academicians and after that we design syllabus” says its Chairman, Shaheen Lone. The school provides a good academic atmosphere. It conducts weekly exams and organizes different debates, seminars, symposiums and above all quiz competitions. Like others this school too observes some special days like, teachers’ day, environment day, parents day, world health day and so on. And, students through posters, slogans and rallies make aware the masses about the various issues which are pertaining to all of us. Not only this, the school also inculcates religious education among the students and nurtures them with ethics, morality and honesty. Besides, it also provides students co-curricular activities like, kho-kho and road race competition, volleyball and cricket tournaments, martial arts. Further, the school also takes students to some beautiful place twice a year.
To sum up, despite having these qualities the school still lacks some important things but we know perfection comes with the passage of time with hard work and dedication. It is imperative there should have a language lab as we know communication in this age plays a vital role in the personality of a student. Second, the school has not updated the library (I mean there should have latest books) so that students can easily avail them. By and large, the school has to go beyond traditional methods and mindset. All in all, the school has done wonders but there are miles to go and cross.

The author, who has received his basic education from this school , can be reached at: ramizspeaks77@gmail.com