Polish couple hold ‘Kashmiri’ wedding reception

Polish couple hold ‘Kashmiri’ wedding reception
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SRINAGAR: Kashmiri Wazwan (wedding feast) and Vanwun (wedding songs) so attracted a Polish couple that they held their wedding reception in Srinagar on Saturday.
Bota, the bride, and Wolduck, the groom, wore traditional Kashmiri wedding attire and offered guests the full Wazwan – of 18 dishes – at a Srinagar restaurant, the arrangements made for them by a Kashmiri family.
“We have fallen in love with this place,” said Bota at the marriage celebration. She was wearing an embroidered gown and lehenga, while her groom wore a Pathani Shalwar Kameez and matching head gear.
The Wazwan served at the feast included Rogan Josh, an aromatic lamb dish prepared with brown sautéed onion, various spices and yoghurt; Yakhni, yoghurt lamb curry; Goshtaba, minced mutton cooked in flavoured yogurt gravy and spices; and other traditional dishes.
Three years ago, while attending a Kashmiri wedding at a friend’s place, the duo decided that they will marry in Kashmir. “Kashmiri hospitality is amazing,” Bota said of the reason they decided so.
Now the couple will go to Leh for their honeymoon. They will return to Kashmir before flying home. A Kashmiri family has become their host here and has helped them in realising their dream.
“I liked the way Kashmiris celebrate marriages. I wanted to celebrate my marriage in the same way,” Bota said. “Everything was arranged by a Kashmiri family. My husband and I wore Kashmir attire. The people here are very good. I also wanted to have our honeymoon here.”
Kashmir’s natural beauty and cultural refinement have attracted many other outsiders to get married or celebrate their wedding here.