KU hostellers suffering after mess shut

KU hostellers suffering after mess shut
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Officals refute allegations

Junaid Dar

SRINAGAR: The students putting at Mehboobul Alam boys hostel of Kashmir University have alleged that the hostel authorities have shut down the mess over outstanding dues of few students, leaving the whole lot suffering.
The students alleged the hostel closed the mess on Wednesday, citing exhausted budget on account of non recovery of dues.
Students, who spoke to Kashmir Reader said, that due to the outstanding fees of some students, all the boarders were getting affected by the “drastic step” and blame officials for leaving students to go to sleep without food.
Some of the students said they were left with no option but to return home, as they did not have money to eat outside. They alleged that the mess was shut on the orders of the Provost.
However, refuting the allegations, Provost, Prof G N Khaki told Kashmir Reader that the mess was working properly, with only the students with outstanding dues being barred. “We have stopped mess facilities to those who have outstanding and in past we also gave them chance to deposit the outstanding amount in installments which they failed to do,” Prof Khaki said.
The hosteliers, however alleged, that they have been asked to maintain Rs 5000 in the mess accounts, and those with less than Rs 5000 in the accounts have also been barred.
They also claimed that hostel was not being run properly, and many seats were vacant, leading to shortage in mess funds.
“See some boarders have huge outstanding of mess fee and till date concerned official have not freezed their student ID’s, which they are suppose to do when someone runs out of balance, how can they leave all the boarders just because few students don’t pay hostel fee on time, it is totally unacceptable,” said a student wishing not to be named.
They said the officials did not bother about students from far off places like Ladakh, Poonch, Rajouri, who don’t have enough money on them to buy food from outside.