Empathetic and Efficient Teachers can Unlock the Untapped Potential of Students

Empathetic and Efficient Teachers can Unlock the Untapped Potential of Students
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Suhail Samandar

“Education is the unfolding of what is already enfolded in a germ”. It is the process of unfolding child’s innate powers. The above definition of education which is attributed to the great educationist Froebel, reveals the true nature of the education and its attainment. A child is born active and possesses great potential and capability to learn. Although the mother’s lap is the first school for a child which provides the basic social atmosphere and helps to develop language ,basic social and ethical values ,yet a child doesn’t learn every at his home from his or her mother has a number of things to attend. Then rest of his development starts from schooling.
This marks the beginning of his actual harmonious development.
Students differ in energy, intelligence, receptivity and interests. Every student needs individual attention to make him and her feel that he or she is being attended to consistently. This, in turn, will have a number of positive effects on the mind as well as on personality of a student. Yes ,sometimes, it becomes extremely difficult for a teacher to control the class and pay individual attention to every child when the number of students exceeds the limit .All the same ,the atmosphere of the class room should be such that the students feel comfortable; not a condition when a teacher comes and creates terror in their minds .
The unavailability of the books and references frustrate the students which compels them to go for rote learning and memorization of content. Thus, it leads to underutilization of potentiality .The unnecessary terror of being beaten or insulted proves detrimental for all children especially for those who are average students. In such a situation, a student develops negativities and it adversely affects the mindset of a child like they are not able to talk freely with their teacher as such many topics that are not understood properly remain unclear throughout the academic session.
The attendant confusions go on increasing day by day and the time comes when this student sinks and sinks totally , that is, his or her energy level go down ;he or she becomes lethargic ; his or her performance weakens ; concentrates less ; stops asking questions ; remains less attentive ;a falls short of attendance and so on. So all these problems put students in a dilemma: what to do and what not? In the meanwhile, student’s zeal towards destination depletes and his or her instincts to achieve greatness shrink and gets suppressed.
Froebel also viewed education as tool that gives a definite shape and direction to person’s potential stone , that is, education should draw out the hidden inborn talent ,interests and capacity of and from a person.
But, looking at our existing education system, which is still dominated by traditional bookish style, we find that there no ways for a student to express his or her interests and nature of his or her intelligence. Only once in a while, a student gets an opportunity to participate such activities that too when an educational institution needs photos for its magazine to show others that they take care of the all round development of a student by organizing these co-curricular activities.
Schooling provides a base for higher education. Imparting education is not sufficient but to tend to student’s internal external is equally important. There is great potential in students, particularly in our Kashmir, which needs ignition but this ignition will come only through dedicated and conscientious teachers.

The author is a P.G student at the Department of Economics, Kashmir University. He can be reached at: suhailsamandar4@gmail.com