Successful primary angioplasty done at Noora Hospital

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SRINAGAR: Primary angioplasty was successfully done for the first time at Noora Hospital by one of the Valley’s renowned doctors Dr Kaiser Habeeb and his team via right radial route on a patient with a peripheral vascular disease, with door to balloon time of 15 minutes.
An official statement issued here said the emergency procedure was successful and the patient recovered well. His heart function improved and he was discharged on the second day.
Managing Director of the hospital Manzoor Wagay said, “The aim of any heart attack treatment is to clear the blockage in the artery as quickly as possible. Primary angioplasty is one way of doing this. The speed of treatment to unblock arteries is crucial to a patient’s chances of survival.”
He said the first 3 to 6 hours after a patient suffers a cardiac arrest is considered as the golden hour period and if brought in within this period to any hospital having PCI facility, the damage to heart muscles can be avoided.
“Noora Hospital has one of the fastest treatment times in J&K with a good team of cardiac experts and state-of-the-art Cath Lab which is vital for saving lives of heart attack patients,” Dr Manzoor said.