KCCI aghast over govt direction prohibiting transmission of ‘particular channels’

KCCI aghast over govt direction prohibiting transmission of ‘particular channels’
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SRINAGAR: Voicing concern over the government direction prohibiting transmission of ‘particular channels’ by cable operators, President, Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Javid Ahmad Tenga said that such prohibitions would adversely impact the sector as the sector generated huge employment in the state.
“It has been reported that the state government has directed cable operators to stop transmission and telecast of around 30 channels. Most of these channels are predominantly religious or news channels with a huge following amongst the Muslim majority of Kashmir,” an official statement issued here read adding “we have been given to understand that some of these channels may be prohibited by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India”.
KCCI president said that in case, it was felt that some channels were a threat to peace and tranquility of the state, “they may be identified and banned”. “But, we see no reason to prohibit the transmission of channels related to religion and news,” Tenga said asserting that the chamber shall be taking up the issue with the I&B Ministry. “But, in the meantime the state government needed to identify particular channels which pose a threat and the rest of the channels should be allowed to be transmitted,” the statement read.
A huge employment is generated by this sector and such prohibitions would adversely impact this sector, it read.
“This also infringes upon the religious freedom of the majority community of our state and the state government is requested to take up this issue with the I&B Ministry as well,” It added.

Urges govt to take ‘appropriate action’ against IGP Traffic
The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) on Thursday urged the government to “take appropriate action” against IGP Traffic, Basant Rath, and to ask the officer concerned, to “restrain himself to work within the limits of etiquette and ethics to enforce law”, as the aggressive approach used otherwise tends to “cause unrest” among the people at large”.
KCCI in statement said that it has been approached by many of its members complaining about the “unbecoming behaviour’ of IGP, Traffic Basant Rath by using “abusive language” and roughing up people purportedly making some traffic offense, while on the streets of Srinagar overseeing the traffic movement.
However, the chamber has appreciated the efforts put in by IGP Traffic in bringing in a measure of discipline in the traffic management.