Censoring Government Servants

Censoring Government Servants
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By Fida Hussain Sodagar

Freedom is existence. Without freedom everything feels lifeless. To express views about something that touches the conscience is a voluntary process. No one can stop anyone to express an opinion about something that matters for a society. A person without conscience is dead. A civilized society demands a civilized freedom to comment on the issues.

A sarcastic tweet by Shah Faesal on the growing rape culture in South Asia has generated a hot debate. Shah Faesal had projected the word “Rapistan” in his tweet signifying the unabated rapes happening in India. The tweet that was completely sarcastic based on truthful events was held as an insult to a Job. The Department of Personnel and Trainings Government of India asked the State General Administration Department to initiate action against Faesal. Without wasting any time GAD issued a notice to Shah Faesal to explain his position. There is no criticism regarding any Government policy in the tweet.


The censoring of views in Government system is not only prevalent at higher levels. The grass root level suffers equally. Outdated service (conduct) rules choke the freedom of expression of Government employees. The rules expect the Government servants to bury their conscience. It is a system of suffocation. Every job demands a good conduct. But choking the views and opinions of a Public servant generates a deformed and defective work culture. They are not the machines to be fed with the prepaid instructions. Every Public servant is first a citizen and above all a human being. And constitution gives every citizen a right to express himself freely. A human being has a conscience which cannot be obscured under the garb of good conduct. Being a part of a society anyone have right to express his feelings. There are no such rules for politicians who break the limits by criticizing everything that is not in their favour. They can do anything anywhere. In their case, the rule is that there are no rules.

Technology has brought a relentless evolution in the freedom of expression. It has created an eco system of unimaginable freedom. The attempts to shatter this freedom will only demolish the efficiency of work culture. The views of younger generation in the system cannot be suppressed by the service conduct rules. There is a need of severe reformation and restructuring of the service rules instead of censoring public servants.

The author holds a P.G in Mass Communication and Journalism and writes on various issues. He can be reached at: f.hussain01234@gmail.com