Postings at SSA, RMSA directorates provide salary along with idleness

Postings at SSA, RMSA directorates provide salary along with idleness
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Irshad Khan

Srinagar: The twin State Project Directorates of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), meant to look after the two education programmes of the Government of India, have become choice postings for relatives and acquaintances of former ministers and bureaucrats.
Despite the School Education Department’s repeated statements on record that it would detach teachers from clerical jobs in various offices and send them back to their parent departments, well-placed sources told Kashmir Reader that at least 15-20 teachers and lecturers, several of them relatives and acquaintances of former ministers in the PDP-BJP coalition government and of top-rung officials, have been deployed at the two directorates.
These teachers and lecturers, who were supposed to be teaching in schools, have instead been placed in different sections at the two directorates “without any work”, as per sources.
Among the many influential teachers and lecturers deployed at the twin directorates, sources revealed that the wife of a minister in the PDP-BJP government, the wife of an ex- State Project Director RMSA, and the wife of an ex-secretary School Education Department have been deployed at the SSA and RMSA directorates.
They have been “sitting idle” at the twin directorates, “only drawing salaries”, sources said of them.
One of these three deployed teachers, as per sources, is even “occupying a CEO-rank post”.
Some teachers’ union leaders have also accommodated themselves at the directorates, sources said. Although the then Commissioner Secretary School Education Department, Shaleen Kabra, had detached one of the teachers’ union leaders, “he got himself back after Kabra’s transfer,” sources said.
Besides, an influential lecturer “who is supposed to be teaching in school”, and some teachers recruited under the Prime Minister’s Development Package, have been deployed at the twin directorates, as per sources.
The unnecessary deployments at the twin directorates are unlikely to be done away with despite recent government orders because officials at the helm in the SSA and RMSA have “tricked the government,” sources alleged.
Sources also revealed that a top retired official, whose “hiring” was recommended by ex-Education Minister Altaf Bukhari, “got himself placed” as Consultant, SSA, at the project directorate for two years recently.
“He got himself placed through Bukhari. He was posted at the secretariat, where he developed proximity with the education minister,” the source revealed.
At the SSA state project directorate in uptown Barzulla, the “consultant”, the source remarked, “has just occupied a room without any job, without any assigned work.”
Despite Governor NN Vohra recently questioning the appointment of such consultants under the PDP-BJP government, the consultant “is continuing there,” said the source.

Administrative Secretary, School Education Department, Rigzin Samphel said he will take action if there were unnecessary teacher deployments at the twin directorates.

Samphel said that the directorates had been complaining about “falling short of staff” hence the deployments.
“But we have not given them permission as of now, because the permission has to come from the honourable advisor,” he said.

One Response to "Postings at SSA, RMSA directorates provide salary along with idleness"

  1. mohammad farooq Wani   July 21, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    This is tip of ice berg what has been reported by the esteemed newspaper apropos to attachments in various offices. Alone in DSEK office around 40 teachers are currently attached in its office and despite orders of the GAD on the advice of Governor none from the DSEK office has been relieved as on date. This excludes the CEO and ZEO offices where hundreds of such teachers can be seen attached and still do mere clerical job depriving academics to the poor students reading in the schools. It is not all about RMSA or SSA but the mafia has taken its deep roots for just promoting corruption in the department with the patronage of DSEK and some other officers at the helm of affairs. I was stunned to see one more circular issued by Secretary to govt school education department wherein he has categorized the attachments on various grounds and different pretexts and it looks to have been done with a view to retain the attached teachers at the offices where they are currently attached just to oblige the out gone lawmakers/ministers and some bureaucrats. It can be presumed that the DSEK and Secretary education for obvious reasons, do not want to implement the Governors orders in its true spirit instead the officers want to stay in the good books of the out gone ministers and lawmakers. The newspaper has very rightly mentioned about the spouses and relatives of some bureaucrats and ministers who still enjoy attachments getting hefty monthly salaries with no work assigned to them. The advisor (N) to his excellency governor JK state must apprise the governor about the non compliance of orders if he is sincere in bringing back the derailed academics side on the track. We may otherwise be left with no alternative but to seek for appointment with the governor to apprise him about the reality and mafia being run by some vested interests which has been the factor behind deterioration of the whole system in school education department. Most astonishing part of the Principal state institute of education Kashmir an apex institute in kashmir is that he acted like a king by relieving selective attached teachers as per his taste and choice by retaining some teachers without any logic. SIE needs highly qualified teacher educators with vast experience who can impart training to teachers in SIE, but the things in SIE are quite contrast in the implementation of the orders issued by governor JK state. I as a conscious citizen propose disciplinary action against the defaulters including the DSEK who still has not implemented the detachment orders though the last date for its implementation had been fixed as 16th July 2018 by 1 pm. When DSEK fails to implement the orders how can we expect compliance from his subordinates officers. The advisor must take cognizance of the report by apprising his excellency governor JK state about the sad state of affair on the part of the officers at the helm of affairs in the department.