Pancreatic tumour embolisation done at Noora hospital

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SRINAGAR: Noora Hospital takes pride in announcing yet another milestone by Dr Imran Salroo – a highly skilled and renowned doctor in the field of Interventional Radiology – of having successfully done pancreatic tumour embolisation, an official statement issued here said.
It said the blood supply to the tumour was occluded super selectively in a 65-year-old female with superior and inferior pancreaticodeudonal arteries as feeders. The procedure was done without any surgery cuts and stitches and the patient successfully recovered and was discharged next day after the procedure in a stable condition.
Managing Director Noora Hospital, Manzoor Wagay said, “Noora is continuing its legacy of playing its part to avoid unnecessary open surgeries and provide alternative non surgical options. These treatments are different ways of destroying tumours rather than removing them with surgery.”
“It opens door to new and future treatment for most fatal tumours, and with these kinds of treatments, we have taken the medical facilities in Kashmir to the next level, making us a world-class centre,” he said.