On Corruption

On Corruption
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Corruption is a disease that eats into and consumes the vitals of any given society, Kashmir being no exception. The bane of corruption is morally and ethically degrading and it devours the conscientiousness of society. And, at the end of the day, corruption destroys the soul of both its protagonist and its victim. Many theories and reasons have been proffered for the incidence and prevalence of corruption in Kashmir but, at the end of the day, nothing can justify this horrendous practice. Be it social pressures or sheer desperation that generates and leads to corruption, there can be no rationalization for it. However, for the sake of assessment and analysis, it is perhaps important to identify these factors. The major ones include sheer greed, desperation and socio economic pressures that compel a person or persons to take recourse to this ungainly practice. What becomes the instituting mechanism of the incidence of corruption is power. That is, if person A has power over person B and the latter needs something from the former, then person A can extort monies from his victim, person B. In the whole schemata then it is access to power and power per se that makes corruption possible at a large scale. The menace , lest it totally and comprehensively consumes our society and degrades it morally and ethically to an irreparable extent, has to be taken head on. The onus for this largely falls on society which can and must induce a sense of proportion and sobriety into it. Specifically , it could mean focusing less on conspicuous consumption, disavow the propensity to show off and the excessive rat race whose trap many have fallen into. Second, corruption should be made taboo by society and those indulging in it name and shamed. This is insofar as the demand side of corruption is concerned. In terms of the supply side, it is incumbent upon powers that be to choke avenues of and for corruption followed by measures and steps that make recourse to corruption costly. This must include strong punitive measure for those who indulge in this immoral practice. In this regard, it has been observed that measures and some scalps taken in taking on corruption are tepid and merely hit the tip of the ice berg, so to speak and not the root of this evil. Corruption, to repeat, destroys the moral, ethical and conscientious well springs of society and transforms it into something ungainly. It is about time that this particular issue is taken seriously and attempted to be eradicated.

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