Doctor Patient Relationship is that One of Trust and Care. Let This Be Upheld!

Doctor Patient Relationship is that One of Trust and Care. Let This Be Upheld!
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Dr. Shahid Amin Trali

Indeed, doctors play a significant role in our lives. The Wikipedia defines a medical doctor, medical practitioner, physician, or simply doctor as “a professional who practices medicine, which is concerned with promoting, maintaining, or restoring health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, injury, and other physical and mental impairments”. Medical practice significantly requires both a detailed knowledge of the academic disciplines (such as anatomy and physiology) underlying diseases and their treatment—the science of medicine—and also a decent competence in its applied practice—the art or craft of medicine. A doctor is a person with extensive knowledge in the domain of medical science, who applies and dedicates his knowledge and skill to identify the medical problem faced by the patient and then attempts to prevent or cure it.
A doctor is a real hero is something we all have felt at some point or the other in our lives. When I was in 12th standard and while playing cricket, my right leg was injured. I was bed ridden for months and my condition became very critical. Some of the doctors gave me wrong cues for my ailment and it was frustrating for me and my family. But, there are doctors who have that magic touch to uplift our health and confidence. In my case, a brilliant doctor, Dr. Mehraj Bakhtawar with high motivation, good treatment and friendly approach restored me to good health despite the fact that the veteran doctor belonged to a different specialization.
A big episode very recently again shook me in my life. I was diagnosed with jaundice; it became very critical and threatening to my life. But Allah (AWT) has a solution for every pain given to His creation. I was blessed to find a great doctor who not only treated me well but shattered many myths about the ailment. A prominent doctor namely Dr. Riyaz Saif Andrabi in Jammu and Kashmir with a humble nature could easily read the patients ailment and treat them to perfection. The great quality doctor’s should develop is to bring confidence and listen to their patients keenly rather than looking solely on profit margins.
Recently I had an opportunity to spend some time in Delhi with my dear friend from Jammu and Kashmir who is a very humble and a bright doctor at the AIIMS. I could easily witness the sacrifices of doctors through his dedication and involvement to his service. Doctors are busy day and night without fail. While discussing the noble profession once he said that nobody wishes to join critical care now and many times he has seen doctors being beaten to pulp by attendants. We must understand that doctors are also humans and that doctors can only try harder to save a patient. We have to control our emotions. I have myself witnessed that the attendants hardly control their sleep during peak night hours but it’s the doctors and the staff who are ready to take care of a patient and offer treatments on time. Do they deserve ill treatment for this great service? Life of a doctor becomes terrible in his field. Neither he is able to sleep properly nor does he give proper time to his family. But he makes our life happy. No doctor may wish to see his/her patient dying and not everyone is a corrupted doctor.
It is, however, a fact that man is turning into a greedy and selfish being. The recent strike by Jammu and Kashmir doctors of Government Medical College gives us clues how things are changing rapidly and social service is given the least preference now. The patients in its six associated hospitals were left at the mercy of fate and without any medical care. Our Jammu and Kashmir has a history of mismanaged and volatile job policies. But how can our great doctors can be so irresponsible to stop their duties and make our poor patients suffer? We have seen doctors commanding huge respect in society but with modernization and self centric interests taking the fold, the deal matters most for many capable doctors rather than the respect, care and love towards humans. They can go to any extent with huge fee charge as consultation and prescribing any worst medicine just to please the drug makers on receiving the gifts and freebies. Slowly and slowly this noble profession of doctors is losing its command and worth in the society. It is mainly because of shortcuts and wrong approaches on part of some greedy and self centric doctors.
Doctors have bigger responsibilities to serve society in right ways. Most important, doctors must treat their patients helpfully and alertly. Researchers have found that patients who feel that their doctor has made a genuine empathetic connection- will actually experience a reduction in pain. If a patient feels they are being cared for by the right doctor who has taken an interest in their wellbeing, their body will suppress their awareness of the pain and they will experience a faster recovery. On the other side, the stress of having a bad doctor who doesn’t show an interest can actually prolong the patient’s suffering. Empathy is a very powerful tool in the hands of a good doctor. Patients always want to feel that they are in safe hands.
Doctors must also focus on effective communication. Good listening and communicating skills are critical to being a good doctor. Good communication isn’t just for being friendly with patients. It’s also a vital skill for doctors to understand the patients’ concerns and offer right solutions. Doctors should give the patients the time they need and deserve. They should not only be honest, but also offer hope, even when a situation is difficult. They have a duty to prescribe the right medication, tell patients about the advantages, disadvantages, risks and alternatives regarding a proposed treatment or operation, and provide adequate follow-up to the patient within a reasonable amount of cost and time. Moreover, it is the responsibility of veteran doctors to mentor the less experienced doctors and be ready for best guidance and support. The profession of doctors is noble one and they must promote it through their noble efforts and serve the society better.

The author is an Assistant Professor at ITM University, Gwalior. He can be reached at: