Solemn and Inspiring

Solemn and Inspiring
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One hundred and five couples have gotten married in Kashmir in a solemn, simple and inconspicuous manner in Srinagar city. The profile of those who tied the nuptial knot was diverse: they came from diverse parts of Kashmir. But, one aspect that stood out was that they mostly came from less privileged sections of society. All in all the nature of the weddings and ceremonies thereof was and is not only solemn but also inspirational. The broader society of Kashmir should get inspired and take a cue from this bold and beautiful initiative and endeavor to make weddings here simple and solemn. If, in the least, the well off and privileged strata of society takes a cue from the ceremony in contention, it would, besides setting an example also lessen pressures on others, who perforce, due to social and peer pressure, take recourse to extravagance in weddings. There are other related aspects to extravagant weddings: the families of those who reach wedding age, male and female, often times, have to take recourse to ungainly and unwholesome measures just to get their wards married. The extreme burden of this falls on the vulnerable and poorer segments of society who, at times, do not even have the means to get their children married. One corollary of this insalubrious trend is late marriages. Since, weddings, in Kashmir, because of social pressures, are invariably extravagant, at times, people have to scrimp and save for longer periods of time, to have enough money to get their children married. This, in turn, creates and leads to social imbalances which are a cause of worry and alarm. “Marriages, as the saying goes, are made in heaven but solemnized on earth”. But, we humans distort and warp these blissful unions through greed, propensity to show off and mere social pressures, among other things. Let then the celebration of marriages be according to the standards of propriety and a sense of proportion, as is enjoined by your religion as well. Extravagance in weddings besides being sheer waste creates, to repeat, pressures on others to imitate it, putting the burden mostly on the underprivileged sections of society. But, this grave issue and problem is remediable. The onus falls on society and individuals to undercut this social menace and take recourse to solemn, inconspicuous ceremonies. Let the ceremony in contention, where hundred and five couples got married inspire us all and be the bellwether to bring an end to extravagance in weddings.

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