Defering Marriage is a Pitfall that Should be Avoided

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Peer Faizan Bashir

“I wish I had a dream of the upcoming horrible issues, I would have married my sister even to a limp.The situation is exacerbating each passing day sometimes succumbing to devour the poison and sometimes to stranglute herself with a rope. What to do?”, sked the person withvisible melancholia,tremors and a series of baffled queries that was dragging him to suicidal depression”.
I listened and observed yet couldn’t decipher what he was alluding to. To get the confusion cleared, I asked: what’s the matter?Make no bones about the predicament as I am perceiving something hidden you. Upon unleashing his inside out , which took me aback to such a degree that I could hardly control my non-stop tears falling down with some pain of him and his spinster sister.
“You know , she(sister) has crossed the age of 40 and whenever she faces a guy for a match than she has been rejected, derided and being uttered words behind her back like a crone!!”, the man stated with utter dismay.
A few days ago, being accustomed as I am to check the whole bungalow of ours before going to sleep just to check if everything is fine, I smelt something cigarette like fragrance and upon peering from the edge of the window I got stunned and shockedby virtue of my sister puffing something strange and talking to herself that, “Mai barbaad horahe hoon, Mujhsay kon shadi karay ga”(I am being ruined, who will marry me?), “ he narrated.
“My legs stumbled and I rubbed my eyes and ears yet again I came to witness the same thing. I came to the realisation that marrying late has disastrous consequences-crippling inside and leading oneself into which once he or she had never thought of”, “ the man added.
Who or what is responsible for delaying marriages? Is it because of some man-made complications in our marriage system that has made it hard for a person to even think of marriage? Dire need of the hour is to ponder over what obstructs us from marrying at the right time. After exploring the root cause let us all eradicate it and live blissfully.

—The author is a Civil Services aspirant. He can be reached at: