Water supply restored in Budgam villages after 3 days

Water supply restored in Budgam villages after 3 days
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Land owners demand jobs in lieu of land for filtration plants

Budgam: Water supply was restored on late Sunday evening after three days in Budgam. The water filtration plants were locked down by the landowners on whose land filtration was setup by PHE department. The Land owners have been demanding jobs as promised by the government.
The landowners while talking to Kashmir Reader said, “we have decided to throw open the filtration plants and restore water supply for the use of common public from this evening.”
Hundreds of villages in Budgam district were without water for the last three days as landowners of dozens of filtration plants had locked down the plants in protest against the department for failing to provide them jobs.
On Thursday the landowners of filtration plants in Kharian, Zoogu and Dam-Pathri, Khansahab, and several other areas of filtration plants had locked the plants.
“However, till date government has not provided us even a single penny,” they alleged.
Abdul Rahman Mir, president of the landowners association told Kashmir Reader that in the year 1994 people provided their land to the department for setting up the filtration plants and in return they were promised government jobs.
“But after many years of struggle, the department is applying delaying tactics and seems least bothered to address the long pending issue of the poor landowners,” he added.
He added “after government failed to fulfill our demands, we locked the filtration plants to press for our demands”.
Another landowner Noor Mohammad a resident of Kharian-Arizal said that the top officials of the department visited here and assured every kind of support to them “after this we decided to restore the water supply tonight,” he said.
Executive Engineer, Public Health Engineering Budgam, Ghulam Ahmad Beigh said that after having a day long discussion with the landowners and the common people of the area they were able to restore the water supply in the affected villages.
“The issue won’t be redressed in a one go, it has to go through a process,” he said.
“The files of these owners lie in the secretariat and are in pipeline of the government,” he said adding “I made them understand that their demands won’t get redressed by locking down the water supply but it will be done with the passage of time”.
“I assured them every kind of support in getting justice whenever they needed”.
He said “finally they agreed and restored the water supply for the common people”.