Sport(s) can be Taken up as a Vocation

Sport(s) can be Taken up as a Vocation
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In this part of the world, whenever the word, “sport” is uttered, we either think of ‘kids’ or ‘fun’. The term sports is considered as a fun element for kids here, while in rest of the world, sport(s) is running parallel with education. When the concept of ‘sport(s)’ emerged, it firstly meant, “an interesting exercise to keep people fit both physically and mentally,” which, however, is no more same. Yes, there is no denying in the fact that playing sport is still the best way to remain fit but now, it has extended to the level of a ‘profession’ as well.

Yet, there still are places like ours which haven’t taken up this extension. Keeping sports restricted to a pass time is one of the major reasons that Jammu and Kashmir hasn’t been able to produce enough sports stars. In spite of hurdles barricades, various sportspersons from Jammu and Kashmir have made it to the highest level, which indicates the presence of talent in the state.

Most of this talent, though, goes unused due to the lack of support from the people which includes parents, teachers and others.
The fear of ‘no future’ in sports is the main hurdle. It’s somehow acceptable, but at the same time shouldn’t abolish the interest of childrenwho desire to devote their life to sports.

Apart from parents and teachers, the administration here is equally responsible in ‘killing the talent’ as the state lacks both basic infrastructure as well as supportive culture for sportspersons. This lackadaisical attitude by the administration isn’t only deceiving budding sportspersons but has already dejected some eminent sportspersons as well.

Recently, one of the known sportswomen of Jammu and Kashmir, in a conversation, revealed some interesting points, which define the situation of athletes in state and how they keep themselves up to face odds.

She said, “I have almost dedicated my whole life to sports, yet I know, I might not be able to end up earning a lot from it, though, whenever I play, the contentment I get makes me play again and again without worrying about the other elements.”

Her tone reflected the odds sportspersons face but the glitter of her face unveiled the courage and fearlessness.
Like her, there are plenty of sportspersons who worry less about the results and move on with sports despite peculiarities.

If just our parents and teachers doesn’t stop children from playing and administration come up with good initiatives for the betterment of sports in the state, much talent could be saved and we will be able to produce many sports stars.

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