LMD penalises footwear dealer

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SRINAGAR: After receiving a complaint from a Srinagar citizen against a footwear show-room operating from Lal Chowk Srinagar for selling a pair of slippers for RS 1200 when the MRP printed on the pack was only Rs 499, the department of legal metrology booked the trader for indulging in over-charging and a notice was served to him.
The trader confessed the fault and pleaded for compounding the challan case departmentally instead of referring it to court of law.
The department took an undertaking that “henceforth no such offence will be repeated”. The compounding authority slapped a fine of Rs 5000 for the lapse.
“The consumers are informed to check the label carefully before making a purchase of any product and insist for cash-memos from the trader,” read a handout.