Rashtrapati Bhavan hosts meeting of VC’s, directors of 19 varsities

Srinagar: Rashtrapati Bhavan hosted a one-day meeting of Vice Chancellors, directors and heads of 19 central institutes of higher learning on Friday.
According to a statement, which reads that this is the part of regular interactions of the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, with the heads of central Universities and institutions of higher learning in his capacity as visitor to 146 central Universities and institutions of higher learning.
Kovind said that each of these institutes has a rich history. “Each of these is instrumental to the realisation of social and economic goals that India has set itself as it strives to eliminate poverty and become a middle-income country,” he said.
“While developing their specialisations, these institutes should collaborate and learn from each other. This is possible for institutes in the same field. It is also possible across categories,” Kovind said.
He urged the heads of these institutes to make actionable and focused plans for collaboration.
The President nudged these institutes towards partnering with other universities in the country and outside, in their respective fields and beyond. He stated that knowledge cannot grow in silos and it is essential that each of them participate in the growth of the other.