People should not pelt stones at army: DGP Vaid

People should not pelt stones at army: DGP Vaid
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Srinagar: DGP Dr S P VaidFriday appealed to people not to go near the encounter sites and pelt stones at security forces in order to avoid loss of lives as army is their own.
“We are saddened if someone dies in this way. That is why we have been appealing that wherever there is an encounter, people should not go there to pelt stones on the army. This is our own army,” Director General of Police S P Vaid told reporters.
Vaid said he could feel the pain of the family that loses its child in such incidents.
“The family that loses its child, we can feel their pain. How difficult it is! We again appeal to everyone that this should not happen and they should not come to the encounter sites and stone-pelting should not happen on army,” he said.
Vaid said police has discussed the issue of avoiding deaths during stone-pelting incidents with the army and CRPF officers.
“We have spoken to officers of army and CRPF on how to avoid deaths in such incidents,” he added.