On the Metaphysics of Islam

On the Metaphysics of Islam
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By Shahid Amin Malik

There are some basic questions about this world, which have been asked and attempted to be resolved since the beginning of the world. In every era, societies have been establishing some beliefs about these mysterious questions. The beliefs about these questions decide the fate of a given society. Establishment of good or bad societies depends upon answers and beliefs of these fundamental mysterious questions.
Now, the question arises: what are these basic questions and how can they decide the fate of any society?
These are ones which are not answered by Science as they are metaphysical questions. They are the questions which are about the universe and humankind: its beginning and end, their Creator, their relation S among themselves and the most important pertains to their existence.
Initially, these existential questions have been tried to be answered logically which brought humankind to Rationalism. The three pioneers of world philosophy: Socrates, Pluto and Aristotle did not left any stone unturned to solve these mysteries, but returned despaired and empty handed.
In the present era, we find that different sects have put forth their beliefs about these questions, like Science, Philosophy, Church, Sufism and so on. The most accepted one in the west is the Scientific one especially among the modern educated classes .And as their hegemony is all over the world, the world is influenced by them in all fields.

Scientific Solution
Science says that the present day universe came into existence 13.7 billion years ago after a big bang, which was a spontaneous event. There was not any super natural power behind this event and all the celestial bodies came into existence after the big bang including our solar system and earth. With the passage of time, our earth cooled down and the prokaryotic cell came into existence and due to evolution this present day huge living diversity came into existence. Among the all evolved organisms the Homo sapiens is the most developed as it has evolved logic. And, there is not any supernatural power which administrates this universe or before whom humankind is accountable. And death is the final end of the species. There is not any possibility of life after death, according to science.
That is how science answers these metaphysical questions. This explanation is not based on any proof or logic but is just theoretical belief. Atheists take recourse to it to accommodate Darwinism. The followers of these thoughts think as there is not any supernatural power or Creator so, man is not answerable to anyone. Death is the final end of the life of a man. When these types of thoughts take place in the human mind then humans forget humanity. The concept of virtue vanishes and man says “nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so”. Man considers himself like other animals which don’t have any purpose of life except fulfilling their wants by hook or by crook. This is the basic root of chaos, fear and war in the world. If we want to end this quarrel and bring peace in world. We, therefore, have to end the root of this quarrel.

Islamic Solution
Islam has a very real and logical solution to these metaphysical questions. Islam says that the beginning of this universe was by the order and wisdom of Allah and was not any spontaneous event. Man has not been sent to this world without any purpose but has been sent to for a test by Allah. Everything in this world has been created for man and man has been created for worship. The purpose of creation of birth and death is only for the test of man and to know who does virtues and who does sins and get their respective rewards. The concept of good and bad has been made clear by Allah through his Prophets and revelations at different times and to different nations. Finally, the last revelation has been sent to last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which is the Quran. It contains guidance for of whole humanity. Good and bad has been made clear in this book. Now, who seeks its guidance gets salvation and who refuses to follow it goes astray.
When man thinks that he is accountable to Allah, he keeps himself away from bad deeds even in dark night and in extreme loneliness. Then, that nation arises whose example is not in human history. Then that revolution occurs for which enemies have to say that it was not possible except the aid of supernatural power s and was unique and bloodless revolution which has not left any sphere of human life unchanged. Now, it is clear that if we want to end the chaos and quarrels, and bring peace in the world, if we want to establish again that extraordinary society, if we want to pour humanity in our human forms, then we have follow this last revelation completely.

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