Students of 5th, 6th semester demand re-exam of Math paper

Students of 5th, 6th semester demand re-exam of Math paper
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SRINAGAR: The under graduate students of 5th semester and 6th semester from Amar Singh college are demanding the re- examination of mathematics paper which was held on 11th July yesterday.
Students were aghast over the math paper pattern as they felt the allotted time of one and a half hour was very less to complete the paper.
“When we saw Math paper we were completely shocked. How is it is possible for us to complete the paper within one and a half hour. Each question carried two additional questions and mathematics questions take a lot of time to solve,” students said.
The students said they met the concerned Professor of Amar Singh College, who teaches them Mathematics and he said, “This paper will take almost three hours to complete”.
“When a professor needs a three hours to finish the paper how it is possible for students to solve the whole paper within a one and half hour,” they said.
Students said that they were assured by the university authorities that the paper will cover 50 percent of syllabus from 5th and 6th semesters which they have prepared for our examinations.
“If the university authorities have assured us relaxation of 50 percent of syllabus for both semesters in their examinations. How come the question paper included whole syllabus”. They questioned.
The students added, “we have tried to leave the examination hall and raise the issue with the college authorities”
Public Relations Officer of Kashmir University could not be reached despite several attempts.